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September 27, 2010

Free Moral Agents -- FREE AGENTS ** CANCELED **

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canceledFree Moral Agents Free In-store
Tuesday, September 28th

...has been canceled. Sorry.

Begun as an avenue for Ikey Owens to fill his free time while on a break from touring with Mars Volta, FMA quickly moved from Ikey and hired guns to a full-on project. The band has settled into a groove, the songs have developed into a heady mix of post-punk angularity, worldly rhythms, and a fire that comes from the heart - it runs from quietly trippy to raging full-on, often within the confines of the same song. Free Moral Agents release their new album on Sept 28th, just in time for our little event.

Click over to their myspace page and sample their soul.

September 20, 2010

Matt Costa -- FREE INSTORE

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Matt CostaMatt Costa Free In-Store Performance
Tuesday, September 21st - 7:00pm

Matt Costa has a new album coming and we couldn't be happier that he's decided to kick things off here on this ever-so-humble little stage.

Matt's new, self-produced, album is called Mobile Chateau and for someone who's watched his musical evolution as a customer, Matt's new-found (or at least much more apparent) love of that old psyche sound isn't a huge surprise. It still sounds like Matt, in fact he debuted a few of these songs at his Record Store Day in-store a bit over a year ago. The finished versions however have a very cool vintage sound (that sound like they would be a good fit if anyone ever does a Nuggets-style boxset for Long Beach.)

The guest list is curently open for those who pre-order Mobile Chateau on CD or LP. The pre-order includes an event poster and priority entry to the event. If space allows we will open first come, first served when we get closer, but it seems likely that this one will close out on pre-orders, though.

Click here to download a free track that you can live with for a bit - it's a smoker.

Los Angeles-based artist whose new album Roomful Of Smoke is garnering rave reviews, and we've snuck them on the bill as a surprise opener. Produced by David Bianco (Tom Petty, Bob Dylan), Roomful, was released by Nashville's Thirty Tigers (Justin Townes Earle, Those Darlins) last month. Leslie and her ferociously named backing band, The Badgers, have already toured with Rhett Miller and Roky Erickson with Okkervil River. Upcoming tours include Martin Sexton and Laura Veirs. The LA Times said, "Canyon Country Bands are as common as brush fires in LA but the thing that separates this combo apart is the voice of the titular Leslie...a rounded shining thing that evokes Patsy Cline's sass and sorrow in one swoop."

The guest list is currently open - first come, first served, but a pre-order will get you a spiffy poster, priority entry, and the feel good hit that comes from supporting Matt (or Leslie) and Fingerprints.

September 06, 2010

Fitz & the Tantrums -- FREE INSTORE

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Fitz.jpgFitz & the Tantrums - Guest List Now Open
Tuesday, Sept 7th - 7:00pm

Combining the energy of an Ike & Tina- type revue and a very cool retro feel that rivals Sharron Jones and the Daptones, Fitz and the Tantrums are doing their best to bring that sweet soul music back to the masses. We are very happy and proud to help them in this endeavor. If you love vintage organs sounds, sultry sax, shiny suits, and a set of pipes that would have fit nicely in the Motown catalog, this is one for you.

You should click here to see their incredibly hot video for "MoneyGrabber", that little repeat button at the end got me through a rough half hour on the computer the other day.

The guest list has just opened up, first come, first served, so if you'd like to join us, give a ring and we'll get you all sorted out (no purchase necessary, and our number is 562.433.4996). Buying a copy of Pickin' Up the Pieces gets you priority entry and a nifty poster that's suitable for signing and hanging.

Here's some gushing press:
"Dear Mr. President," (is) a political song reminiscent of Edwin Starr with its pronounced keys and guttural "hey, wooo" chorus backing. This song swaggers while it delivers its message. "MoneyGrabber," which floats in with a short intro then bursts out with chorus union. A message to gold diggers everywhere, this song oozes funk. Its compressed breakdown alone is beyond compare... Fitz & The Tantrums has sold me on their retro-soul tone, wet with organ and dripping with soul, and Pickin' Up the Pieces is a must buy. - LA Music Blog

August 26, 2010

Leslie Stevens & the Badgers -- FREE INSTORE

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Leslie StevensLeslie Stevens & the Badgers
This Thursday, August 26th - POSTPONED!


Please check back for rescheduling details.

Leslie Stevens is the latest roots-rocks sensation from the good folks at 30 Tigers Records (Avett Brothers, to name just one of their associations). Leslie and the Badgers, to their old fans, combine the right elements of retro country, California Canyons, and jangly jamboree (more street-party than the country bear variety). It's powerful, sultry, and just enough fun at the right time to make classic influences seem fresh and fun.

Here's a juicy quote from the Portland Tribune:
"Americana country-pop quintet Leslie and The Badgers hail from Los Angeles, but sound like they'd be just as comfortable, even more so, jamming on a back porch in Appalachia as a hip club on the Sunset Strip. Frontwoman Leslie Stevens is gifted with a lovely soprano voice."

Sample yourself silly at her myspace page. Leslie Stevens & the Badgers debut release, Roomful of Smoke, is out this coming Tuesday. Pre-ordr in advance, or purchase in front of the in-store gets you priority entry and a poster from the event.

Buskefest 2010 -- FREE SHOWS

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BuskerfestBuskerfest 2010
Saturday, August 28th - 5:00pm - Corner of 1st / Linden Downtown

I can hardly believe we're on the verge of Buskerfest, last year's fest was one of my favorite nights ever, so this year has a high mark to hit... and I'm not even worried about it. This year is feeling so spectacularly good already that it's like there is no pressure at all.

All we need for it to succeed is you, so please round up your friends and let's call it a date. This year's buskers are off the hook! How about Michael Silversmith, Korey Dane, Boris Smile, OO Soul, So Many Wizards, Sam Outlaw, 60 Watt Kid, New Fidelity, Chicano Batman, Fort Wife, We Barbarians, Jenny Stockdale, and Alicia Murphy? How about we add in a main stage featuring Jay Buchanan, Crystal Antlers, and a very triumphant return by Delta Spirit, who tore up the waterfront a few weeks ago?

It's like a sampler platter of all the sounds that make Long Beach great.

Buskerfest is another, and actually it's the final, free show of Summer and Music 2010.

We will begin distributing wooden nickels to attendees at 4:30 and the band who receives the most this year will receive a 5 day recording session at Long Beach's own Compound Recording Studio, which is something like a $5000 value. If they play their cards right, it's also enough time that we could be seeing a new album from any one of these bands in the very near-future.

If you're on facebook check out our event page for more info (and to let us know you're coming, which isn't required, but would be nice).

May 20, 2010


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EverestEverest - Free In-Store Performance
Saturday, May 22nd - Noon (List open now)

It's awfully tough to imagine a better way to spend a day than rocking ourselves silly with the canyon meets cosmic goodness of Everest. You may have caught them last year when they took the country by storm as Neil Young's opening band on his US tour (with Death Cab on the West Coast and Wilco on the East Coast). It was magical, and as good as this band has been for their run so far, playing big rooms and having to win them over every night has really brought it all together. This past week, the boys released their new album, On Approach, and the flurry of adjectives includes: bold, stratospheric, gorgeous, thumping, haunting, spacious, and rustic - and all of them are apparent on the first listen.

Currently on tour with Minus the Bear, Everest has generously agreed to come in for round two on our humble little stage. We've opened the guest list first come, first served. Purchase of On Approach gets you a poster and priority entry, but if you RSVP, we'll make sure you get into the event.

Please call or visit to RSVP - 562-433-4996

You can check out some samples at their myspace page.

Summer and Music

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SAM2010Summer and Music - Press Kick off
Thursday, May 27th 4:00pm - 7:00pm

Are you ready for the return of Summer and Music? We're prepping our media kick-off at Gladstones for this coming Thursday (5/27) beginning at 4:00pm. It's going to be an early-evening version of Derek Brown's Light Bulb Mouth Radio Hour starring last year's Buskerfest participant, Marika Dahlin and our latest local find, Korey Dane (see last week's emailer for a feature). Derek Brown will be the MC and Eitan Kadosh will be the Author/Poet (that's just changed). It's gonna be a swift kick of a cool party and we'd love to see you there. Space is limited, so if you'd like to join us please click over to SAM2010's facebook event page to RSVP.

Besides the great free entertainment, one of the things you'll hear about at this kick-off is our first event - Future Heroes. It hasn't been announced yet, but we'll tell you, because we know you'll help us get the word out. On Saturday, June 12, we (SAM) are super excited to report that we're going to officially kick-off the year with a show we're calling "Future Heroes" and it's gonna focus on a heaping helping of Local greatness. The bands for this little shindig are Deep Sea Diver (aka Jessica Dobson who plays with Beck, The Mystic Valley Band, and Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs), Jay Buchanan (of the honeyed pipes and aching soul, and the band Rival Sons), Korey Dane (who is an amazing local find), So Many Wizards (who've just release a stunning bound book of an ep, which is currently only available here at Fingerprints), and finally Boris Smile (featuring Avi Zahner-Isenberg of Avi Buffalo).

Both of these events are going to be fun (and free) evenings of music happening right here in our little corner of the Southern Cali landscape and they will both be better if you're there with us.

Angus & Julia Stone -- FREE INSTORE

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Angus&JuliaAngus & Julia Stone - Free In-Store Performance
Monday, May 24th - 7:00pm

There is still a bit of room left for this event, but with their scheduled appearance on KCRW Monday morning we are expecting it to go up and over on the demand-o-meter. If you're thinking about it, you'll want to decide soon.

Coming out of Australia, Angus & Julia Stone have a warm and intimate folk sound; it's a bit of an off-season beach thing, mixed with a cabin thing, and maybe a bit of rain. KCRW has embraced them, as has Fran Healey of Travis, who let them record their second ep in his living room. Their music is straight forward, sturdy, calming, and exactly what you want when the lights go out or when the neighbors drop by unannounced. Their second full-length was released a couple of weeks ago and the early press has been great.

For example:
"She sounds edgy, all heartstrings; he's chilled, all ennui. Hung across minimal, beautiful songs, it's a powerful mix of gentle angst. " - BBC Music

Recommended for fans of Travis, Jose Gonzales, She & Him, & Al Stewart.

Samples available at their Myspace page.

April 24, 2010

Owen Pallett -- FREE INSTORE

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Owen PallettOwen Pallett - Free In-Store Performance
Monday, May 3rd - 7:00pm

Owen Pallett freaked the radar watchers when he lit the screen with his string arrangements on Arcade Fire's Funeral release (and Neon Bible, also Beirut, Last shadow Pupets, and F***ed Up). His solo work, until now released under the name Final Fantasy, finds him looping and weaving up a storm. Heartland, his latest, is an orchestral monster, designed to be played as one continuous 45 minute orchestral piece, or to be stripped down and looped for violin and voice, is a rare piece of music that works forward and backwards.

Owen is in the process of changing all his Final Fantasy stuff over to his own name and kicking this chrysalis off here at Fingerprints sounded like a good idea to everyone involved and we couldn't agree more. We're going to tell everyone who already loves Owen, and everyone who loves strings ala Funeral, to run to the phone and tell us you're coming. 562-433-4996

The rest of you; click here then run to the phone and tell us you're coming.

You've probably already run to the phone, but when you get back check out this Take Away Show from La Bogotheque for a little taste.

Fresh off an appearance at Coachella, this will be Owen's only LA area performance this time out.

Here's a little bit of press coverage:
"Hints of Kurt Weill. This stuff is rich with ideas, and they're offered in the kind of rich, warm sound that should be accessible to more fans than ever before. Those of you with the inclination to pick them up will find a lot to reward you." -Pitchfork

"Impressive in both scale and execution, Heartland succeeds not just due to Pallett's sizable talents, but his belief in his even larger ambition." - XLR8r

April 23, 2010

Avi Buffalo -- FREE INSTORE

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Avi BuffaloAvi Buffalo - Free In-Store Performance
Monday, April 26th - 7:00pm

If you ask the folks at Sub Pop about Avi Buffalo, they start getting all giddy and excited. You see Avi is more than just a local kid done good, he's on the verge of becoming a phenomenon; he's already done sessions at Daytrotter and numerous radio stations, the blogs seem to be suitably excited, and the word we're hearing is they've got a Greek Theatre show this summer (we can't say who they're supporting, because it's not announced yet - but it's cool). Anyway, we are also very excited about Avi, so it is with great pleasure that we announce this Release Day Eve Party.

Musically, Avi Buffalo's influences run deep, somewhere in Avi's 18-year old head is an old guy that spent his whole youth listening to albums by mid-period Beach Boys and The Kinks, yet on a more visceral level it feels like he's digging Grizzly Bear and even some of the more experimental side of Nels Cline, and it's where those two parts meet that the mixture makes magic.

I believe the band all graduated from Millikan High, so the local connection is strong. You might have seen them playing The East Village on New Year's Eve, at Buskerfest last year, or sneaking in for a short set here at the shop prior to this year's Soft Pack in-store.

If none of those ring any bells, click over to the Myspace listening post or the Youtube virtual VCR and expose yourself.

The full album is also streaming here.
**Please note; through the generosity of our pals at Sub Pop, we will have the same bonus disc of extra tracks when you purchase Avi Buffalo here at the in-store, as well as a spiffy poster.

Call us to be added to the guest list at 562-433-4996. No purchase required.


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JoshRecord Store Day Recap
A recap of the party

RSD kicked off with Josh Ritter and a bunch of our closest friends coming together for RSD Eve to celebrate why the music industry is like no other; music as religion, music as celebration, and music as community. After a 75-minute set and a three-hour signing, we jumped into merchandising for 150+ new releases. After a couple of hours sleep we opened at 7am, reportedly the earliest on the West Coast and the word definitely got out. We had a line the length of the building (70-100 people) waiting when we opened the doors. Records that we thought would last into the mid-afternoon were gone by 7:30am. It was crazy.
One of the coolest things I heard all day was tsomeone who'd bought his goodies, then called his friend in NY who was still waiting in line for his local store to open, and he was over the moon that he was able to beat the time difference and claim bragging rights. It almost made 7:00am seem sensible.
Overall, it was an amazing example of people coming together to celebrate their love of music. It was great to see folks helping each other find stuff, chatting about what they were excited about, and planning the next stop on their quest for that elusive Flaming Lips playing Dark Side LP, which was our first sell out item.
We were fortunate enough to have several of our friends stop in, including Keith Morris of The Circle Jerks and Black Flag, who spent about 4 hours chatting about music and making recommendations to fans. Then Gary Calamar and Phil Gallo stopped by to sign their new book, Record Store Days, which is hands-down the finest book about record stores that I've ever seen. The last of our events was an in-store by Dios (formerly Dios Malos) that was fantastic. Their new album, a special Record Store Day release, is We Are Dios and it's a heady blend of Zappa, The Beach Boys, and the Band.
RSD10 was our biggest day ever and it was a true pleasure to see all of you who stopped by, to meet those of you who came by for the first time, and to be able to host such an amazing slate of talented friends for this special event.
I would be missing a huge opportunity if I didn't take a second to thank the staff for getting up early and working so hard to make sure everything went without a hitch - it did, and we are very lucky to have such an amazing crew - so big thanks to all.

If you missed it this year, scribble a little note about next April and stick it on your fridge.

April 15, 2010


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Record Store DayRecord Store Day - A Little More Info

Special RSD Hours:
Saturday, April 17th
7:00am - 11:00pm

This year we are buzzing about the fact that there are over 150 exclusive releases for Record Store Day. We've ordered all of them, but due to crazy demand and limited availability, we won't know in most cases what we're getting until the boxes hit the floor. If there is something you're determined to add to your collection, you're gonna want to get here early - so we're gonna open early. We'll brew up a little coffee and meet you at the very un-rock and roll hour of 7:00am. The thinking was if you've got the super elusive stuff on your list, and for some reason you get shut out here, you'll still have time to buzz over to either Rhino in Claremont, Freakbeat in the Valley, or Amoeba in Hollywood - all of them are also participants. Feel the indie spirit!

Below is our schedule of events and a mostly complete list of exclusives. We'll be back with our regular emailer next week, and there are some great shows in the works, so be sure to check in then.

Josh Ritter -- FREE INSTORE

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Josh RitterJosh Ritter In-Store Friday, April 16th - 7:00pm

Josh Ritter is coming back! We're working on some crazy ideas to make what will surely be an amazing night into something for the history books, so check your calendar. Josh's new release So Runs the World Away will be coming out May 4th, but as a special Record Store Day Eve treat we will have vinyl copies available at the in-store and they will include a full CD copy of the album! This will be your chance to get Josh's album over 2 weeks early.

If you are unfamiliar with Josh's music you should click over to his myspace page for a sample - Go ahead, we'll wait.

From a pure song-craft standpoint, there is no one currently working that does it better. Josh stands in my collection next to artists like Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, and Johnny Cash and he doesn't flinch. Sadly, the world (except for the savvy Irish) has yet to fully appreciate Josh. Happily, it allows us the opportunity to offer up nights like this.

We've opened the guest list for this event to those who pre-order the CD/LP combination of So Runs the World Away and it's getting dangerously close to full, but if space allows, we will open it first come, first served when we get closer, but if you want to be sure you're here when it happens, a pre-order gets you guaranteed priority entry, a copy of our poster from the event, and the chance to support a great artist.

Josh was Tuesday's featured artist on Daytrotter, so click over and make your ears feel like your headphones are the best friend they ever had.

Click to buy/sample So Runs the World Away

Hole on Jimmy Kimmel -- TICKET GIVE-AWAY

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Hole/JKLHole Ticket Give-Away -
Jimmy Kimmel Show

Courtney Love has resurrected Hole and it looks like she waited just long enough to catch everyone feeling a bit deficient in big riff rock. They were the talk of SXSW, Their shows here in LA and in NY have already sold out clean, and she's about to hit the Outdoor Stage on the Jimmy Kimmel Show.

Nobody's Daughter
is coming out April 27 and to celebrate we've talked the good folks at Island Records into giving us a big pile of tickets to be in the crowd for this momentous TV moment.

There are a couple of qualifiers:

First, you'll need to either buy the 10" vinyl for Skinny Little Bitch (an RSD exclusive) or pre-order Nobody's Daughter to get a ticket.
Secondly, you'll need to have a government or School issued ID, and it needs to clearly show that you're over 16 years old.
Third you need to be able to be in Hollywood by 6:45 on Wednesday, April 21st.
There are a few other details, but it's mostly don't wear stuff that looks bad on TV and things like that. We'll print some out and have them ready for you on RSD.

Ticket distribution for this event will begin at 11:00am on Saturday and you'll have to be here if you want to go (no holds, phone or internet orders, sorry.)
Spread the word.

Gary Calamar and Phil Gallo - RSD BOOK SIGNING

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Book SigningRecord Store Days Book Signing, April 17th - 4:00pm
with Gary Calamar and Phil Gallo

Before the days of digital downloads, there was THE RECORD STORE: a place where music lovers could go to indulge their passion, where friendships and romances began, where bands formed, and where information was shared. The history of the record store-whether a hot jazz emporium selling 78s or a psychedelic underground shop or a punk rock haven-parallels the history of recorded music itself. Record Store Days (Sterling Publishing; Hardcover;$19.95) traces the growth of an industry that became inextricably entwined in the fabric of American life in the twentieth century.

We are happy to bring our pals Gary Calamar (old pal) and Phil Gallo (new pal) in to sign copies of their new book Record Store Days. Way back in the days before Fingerprints, a couple of us worked at Moby Disc and Gary was a co-worker and a friend. Now days he's a KCRW personality and a Grammy Nominated Music Supervisor for the TV Shows Dexter, True Blood, House, and Six Feet Under.

Phil Gallo is a music journalist and entertainment editor who's worked for Billboard magazine and been a music industry authority for CNN and BBC. Currently the two of them are basking in the glow of their first book; Record Store Days, a photo rich story of the development of the Record Store in America (and I've heard we're in it!). Peter Buck from REM did the forward, however we've not heard he'll be here to sign (I'm thinking not).


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DiosDios In-Store Saturday, April 17th - 6:00pm
Record Store Day
Album Release Party

Stopping in to kick off their new album release, Dios (formerly Dios Malos) are making their Fingerprints debut this coming Saturday. We are very happy to bring a boat load of trippy, stoney rock and roll in to celebrate RSD 2010, and we couldn't think of anyone more qualified to deliver than Dios.

"Dios coaxed me into a space somewhere between Hendrix's Electric Lady Land and the drugged out, fun sounds of The Butthole Surfers. They manage to not sound like either though, but also add a dark, Brian Wilson style vocal element." - Buddyhead

Sample yourself into a frenzy at their myspace page.

We Are Dios comes out on Record Store Day, so this seems like a huge win all the way around. We'll have a poster for those who step up and take a little Dios home with them. The Guest List is open now, so run on over to the phone and get yourself all sorted out. Our number is 562)433-4996

Keith Morris - GUEST FINGER

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Circle JerksKeith Morris -
Counter Staff
RSD - Noon - 2:00pm

Keith Morris, of The Circle Jerks and Black Flag, will be manning the counter and helping you find cool tunes to help work through your teen (or middle-aged) angst. Aside from being a punk rock legend, Keith is a hell of a nice guy, so be sure to stop in, maybe ask him to sign one of his albums, and chat him up about the time you saw him at Bogarts when...

Keith and the Circle Jerks are currently doing a few shows around and about and we are very excited that him and our friends over at FYF Fest have kicked us five pairs of tickets for their May 1st show with Seven Seconds, Municipal Waste, and Ceremony at the Historic Fox Theater in Pomona.

We are also selling tickets here at the shop for all of you who are going whine about how you got to meet Keith, and he helped you pick some crazy cool record, but you know, you didn't win tickets to the show.

Record Store Day -- THE GOODS

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Whole EnchiladaRSD - An embarrassing richness of releases available on the 17th
A hotlist of releases, plus a link for the whole enchilada

Mason Jennings - Live at Fingerprints
- Mason's full set, which was a doozy; full of tunes from Blood of Man, as well as a little history. If you're familiar with Mason's music you'll know it was an emotional hayride, if not, it veered full-speed from gorgeous and personal to fired-up and politically-charged, and both sides made for an amazing day. We couldn't be prouder of this one.

Band of Skulls - Live at Fingerprints
- When we were offered this in-store we stopped the presses, Band of Skulls was 2009 favorite around here, so the chance to get them on our stage for a live set was almost too good to be true. Rocking and swaggering, it was one of the loudest in-stores we've had.

Fun. - Live at Fingerprints - Unbelievably good live set recorded right here at the shop. These guys aren't household names yet, but with smart _and_ clever songwriting, a live show that lives up to their name, and a sound that fits comfortably between ELO and Queen they deserve to be on everyone's playlist.

Various Artists - SP20: Casual Nostalgia Fest CD - Nineteen live performances from Sub Pop's 20th anniversary celebration, which took place in July 2008.

Peter Gabriel/Bon Iver 7"
- Gabriel covers Bon Iver's "Flume" and Bon Iver covers "Come Talk to Me", a seven-minute song from Gabriel's 1992 Us album.

Pavement - Quarantine the Past - The tracklist for the RSD version of Pavement's best-of album was determined via a contest run by Matador, with the winner chosen by Pavement. Also features silkscreen cover art that the band themselves customized.

Velvet Underground's Live 1969 With Lou Reed
, which consists of two separate albums, Volumes 1 and 2, both remastered and on 180-gram vinyl.

A special double-vinyl version of Sonic Youth's 2008 compilation, Hits Are For Squares. The 15 tracks were selected by other artists, including Beck, Radiohead, Eddie Vedder, Flea, Gus Van Zandt, and more. The 16th track is brand new and exclusive to this version!

A "super surprise" mystery white label 12-inch by the Beastie Boys. When it comes to surprises, the Beasties deliver the goods, so hunt this one down on April 17!

Two versions of Mastodon's major label debut, Blood Mountain - a regular single LP version and a super-deluxe double 180-gram version.

A pair of Joe Strummer LPs, never before available on vinyl - Streetcore and Global A Go-Go!

Magnetic Fields - 69 Love Songs box set on 10" vinyl, remastered and packaged in a slip case box with three double gatefold sleeves and the original booklet in 10" size AND a digital download card.

Soundgarden - "Hunted Down"/"Nothing to Say" - reissue of Sub Pop's first single - on orange vinyl.

A sweet 10" single by Bruce Springsteen, which includes two rare live tracks - "Wrecking Ball" (live @ Giants Stadium) b/w "Ghost of Tom Joad" (Live in Anaheim w/guest Tom Morello).

John Lennon Singles Bag. This numbered 7-inch box set includes three 7" singles, three postcards, a 24 X 36 poster, and a custom 45 adaptor hub. The songs? "Mother," "Why," "Imagine," "It's So Hard," "Watching The Wheels" and "I'm Your Angel."

The Black Keys' 12" vinyl single featuring two brand new songs - "Tighten Up" and "Howling for You!"

A 12" slab o' wax from Sub Pop sensations Beach House, featuring two new tracks, plus two alternative versions of songs from Teen Dream!

And there are so many more! Flaming Lips doing Dark Side of the Moon? Check. New Built to Spill trax on 7"? Check. Exclusive Drive By Truckers? Yup. Rare, live Jimi Hendrix 12"? You got it. Neko Case's Middle Cyclone on clear vinyl, a picture disc of unreleased Queens of the Stone Age tunes, a Rolling Stones 7" with an unreleased track from the Exile sessions, Wilco's 4-LP box, Kicking Television. All that and more coming at you on April 17 - Record Store Day!

For a more complete list, click over to the RSD offical site.

March 24, 2010

Exene Cervenka -- FREE INSTORE

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ExeneExene Cervenka Free In-store Performance
Thursday, April 8th - 7:00pm

Way back when were punk ass kids we said that someday we'd have X play at the shop, and while our someday has turned into someday(s), with this evening of music from Exene we will only be missing an evening with Billy Zoom to be able to say we've had the slowest X In-store ever.

Exene is still fronting X, but she's stopping in on this evening to play some music from her latest solo release, Somewhere Gone .

Uncut Magazine said this one is "Disarmingly playful, deceptively gripping...." and we have to agree that it sounds like Exene's having fun, Somewhere Gone has a roadhouse for a soul and a poet at its heart.

Exene is in the midst of a West Coast Indie Record store run, which she sums up by saying:

"The reason I am touring independent record stores from San Diego to Seattle this April is that I want to play for free, to people of all ages, at a reasonable hour, in a place we love to be. I'm touring at my own expense, because I don't want the economy to stand between my music and people that might want to hear it. Yes, I hope I sell some aprons and a few CDs, but bring your X records, the kids, shop independent, and let's have a party! xo exene".

Needless to say, we are extremely pleased to be included and very much looking forward to this evening.

We are opening the guest list first come first served for this one, but it would sure be nice if you're coming out, if you'd spent a minute listening to Somewhere Gone the next time you're in the shop (and think about taking one home). You have to support the things you love, and Exene is certainly deserving of your love.

Call 562-433-4996 to RSVP, starting ... n...o..w.

March 12, 2010

Watson Twins -- FREE INSTORE

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Watson TwinsWatson Twins Free In-Store Performance
Saturday, March 13th - 5:00pm


In our shelf loaded with "Live at..." releases the far right end (alphabetically) is held up the ever-so-charming Watson Twins. Their in-store was a heady combination of killer harmonies, great song-craft, and a double-barreled sense of humor. You may have heard them on Rabbit Fur Coat, the album they did forever ago with Jenny Lewis (of Rilo Kiley), it was how we discovered them, but Fire Songs was when they stole our hearts. Q Magazine said "...slow, brooding, impeccably delivered songs..."

Talking to You, Talking to Me, Leigh and Chandra's latest, is again full of smoke, grooves, heat, and soul. Spin said "[T]he Watsons consult vintage Southern styles for inspiration, incorporating touches of country and plenty of hot-blooded soul."

In addition to the new album, it would be irresponsible for me to not mention "Live From Fingerprints" the live CD from the last time the girls were here, but if you haven't grabbed yours yet, we have them now and we will still have them at the in-store.

Get your sample on at their Myspace page.

The guest list is currently open. But anyone who purchases a copy of either of their albums will get priority entry and a special event poster (suitable for framing), so if you want to be sure you're up front, support the girls by taking an album home.

Click to buy/sample Talking to You, Talking to Me

February 26, 2010

Eugene and 1914 / Fort Wife -- FREE INSTORE

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EugeneEugene and 1914 / Fort Wife Free In-store Performance
Friday, March 19th - 7:00pm

It's time for a local music night and there are very few in the 562 that we'd rather spend an evening with than these two local bands. Eugene & the 1914 is led by Eugene Owens, who you may know through his bass work with Deep Sea Diver (not to mention the time he's spent playing with serious jazz cats like Terrence Blanchard & Branford Marsalis), but it's as a bandleader that Eugene comes into his own; whether it be moody songwriter style or more up-tempo jangly band style, Eugene & the 1914 are local artists that are well worth your attention.

Myspace has samples.

We are also proud to host Fort Wife, another LB band that features some of the folks who've made Avi Buffalo such a compelling live act; on their own they make strange & dreamy soundscaped pop songs that for some reason remind me why cats like to sleep in baskets full of warm laundry.

Brew up a cup of tea and check out their myspace.

The guest list is open now with RSVP, let us know you're coming and we'll save you a spot. We will have CDs available at the event, and as always, we will have something nifty you can use to cover all the hand marks by the lightswitch for anyone who purchases a copy.

Stanley Wycoff -- FREE INSTORE

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WycoffStanley Wycoff Free In-store Performance
Friday, March 26th - 7:00pm

Some of you will recall last summer when we hosted an evening with the local author Alan Rifkin and a few of his friends. Well, one of the true highpoints of that night was Stanley Wycoff and his band. Stanley has spent a good amount of time in the LA music scene, playing guitar with Dave Alvin, writing songs for Chris Gaffney, and quietly releasing excellent albums that are steeped in roots and rock and roll tradition. We have been waiting for Stanley's new record to come back from the printer so we could have a proper celebration and that time has come. Stanley has assembled a crack band that includes some major heavy-weight talent; Rick Shea (who's played with Alvin's Guilty Men & Los Lobos), Donny Ott (Dobro for Gregg Allman's Band), Bruce White (guitar for Hal Ketchum), Eric Brenton (Fiddle), Joe Lamano (bass player with Zappa, the Turtles & The Association).

Stanley don't need no stinkin' myspace.

The guest list is open now, let us know you're coming and we'll be ready. Stanley's new CDs will be available at the event and Haymaker, the one before the new one (go ahead, call it the last one, but it feels weird to me when we're talking a new one.) Anyway, it's available now.

Ralph's World -- FREE INSTORE

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Ralphs World.jpgRalph's World Free In-store Performance
Saturday, March 27th - 11:00am

Yep, a morning in-store with an artist who specializes in music for smart kids that like to sing. So round up the little ones and clear the decks, it's gonna be a hoot. Ralph Covert started off fronting the Chicago based Bad Examples, a band that created near-perfect pop-rock tunes with a very sly sense of humor. We were fans then, and now that he's become a shining light in music for young ears movement, we're still fans. If you've grown weary of cartoon soundtracks, lullabies, or 98% of the other dreck that is marketed to kids, make plans to join us for a singing and hooting good time. RSVP required. The guest list is currently open to those who buy Ralph's latest album, which will include priority entry and a poster that will look great on the back of any bedroom door. If space allows, we'll open it up first come, first served, as we get closer. Absolutely no curmudgeons will admitted prior to noon.

Check out the full album stream at Ralph's website.

We're gonna try to talk him into playing at least one Bad Examples tune for us old fans.

Click to check out some of the Ralph's World releases

February 03, 2010


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ALOALO Free In-store Performance
Wednesday, February 10th - 7:00pm

We have been fortunate enough to host ALO (Animal Liberation Orchestra, if you want to find them on Wikipedia) a couple of times already and when you factor in the times we've caught them live, both headlining and opening for Jack Johnson (who's band features Zach Gill playing all things keyed - piano, accordion, and melodica) you begin to get the idea that these guys deliver live. Hopefully you've seen one of their in-stores, or even better, their headline set at last summer's Soul Motion concert kick off to the Summer and Music series downtown. If you missed these opportunities, you're in luck. February 9th sees the release of Man of the World and the guys will be stopping in on Wednesday, the 10th, to kick things off. Man of the World is ALO's fourth full-length, and third for Brushfire Records. Jack Johnson produced it and guests throughout, but the real star is the collective power of a band hitting its stride. In a live setting ALO works off of each other, building a laid-back California beach based monster that is much larger than the sum of its parts. Man of the World captures this energy and electricity like never before.

You can sample some of the new stuff at their myspace page.

The guest list is now open for folks who pre-order Man of the World. Pre-order will include an event poster and priority entry to the in-store. Space permitting, we will open the list wide closer to the event. Pre-order in person or by calling 562.433.4996.

Click here to buy/sample Man of the World

January 26, 2010

The Soft Pack -- FREE INSTORE

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The Soft PackThe Soft Pack Free In-store Performance
Saturday, January 30th - 3:30pm

Tick, tick, tick... The Guest list is open! Call now - 562.433.4996

Damn the torpedoes and full-steam ahead! We usually try to keep our Saturdays open, but since we've been waiting for just the right moment to kick off our 2010 in-store calendar, and the crazy kids in Soft Pack are trying this nutty 10 shows in one day gimmick, we figured sure, "bring the circus, we're up for it", and we said yes.

Coming out of the San Diego music scene, Soft Pack started off as The Muslims, and they released a couple of singles and toured as openers for The Breeders and Bloc Party under that name, but due to a handful of knuckleheads who gave them a bunch of grief, Soft Pack was born. Since the rechristening they've toured with Last Shadow Puppets, White Lies, Phoenix, and Friendly Fires. They're currently signed to Kemado Records, managed by Radiohead's management team, and their self-titled debut is coming out on February 2nd - and they've just been announced as part of COACHELLA!. To celebrate they are doing 10 shows in one day. is capturing the whole thing for a little guerrilla documentary action, and well, we've got the middle of the day nailed down. The rest of the shows will be house parties, so this might be your only shot to be in on the action. It's looking like there may even be a special guest for this little shindig, but since his record isn't out yet, and we're hoping to have him back for his own show at that point, we'll only mention that Avi has a new record coming soon on Sub Pop and currently has a cool little 7" out at the moment, and will leave it at that - oh, and of course we'll whisper that this isn't to be missed, especially if your only reason is because these guys aren't household names yet.

Check out a few of Soft Pack's tunes at their myspace page.

The guest list is open wide, all you need to do is call. Remember, pre-orders will still include an event poster and priority entry (and you'll be able to pick up your copy a couple of days before the rest of the world, because we've arranged to have CDs on hand for the in-store). Welcome to 2010.

To RSVP or pre-order - visit or call us at 562.433.4996.

Click here to buy/sample The Soft Pack


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Help for HaitiHelp for Haiti
Ways to help, including a Fingerprints trade-in fundraiser

We hate to see people struggling to deal with disasters, but when it's an earthquake it seems to strike a bit closer to home (if that seems like a pun, it's not meant to) and we'd love to encourage you to send some good thoughts and, if you can, a little financial support, to help them out a bit. Hopefully, we won't ever be in a position to need the help ourselves. We're proud to institute Trade for Haiti, a new program where you can donate used CDs, books, DVDs, LPs, or other goodies we would usually take for store credit, and have the full credit value donated to IMC (More about them below).

In trying to make sure our donations do the most good, we've done a little scouting and feel pretty good about International Medical Corps. They're based in Santa Monica, they have an A+ rating from the American Institute of Philanthropy, and their Better Business Bureau rating is solid. They have earthquake experience and specialize in helping affected communities set up long-term solutions that will help beyond the initial services provided by other agencies.

To donate directly, or for more information on International Medical Corps visit their site directly.

If you donate between now and the end of February, using your AMEX, American Express will kick the fees back to IMC, which is likely a few extra points. For a complete list of charities AMEX has approved check out this site.

You can also donate through IMC by texting "Haiti" to 85944 on your cell phone.

- for information about others providing assistance.

TRADE FOR HAITI - If you are unable to throw cash to help, but you can spare a few records from your collection (or other stuff we buy/sell), we are happy to announce that starting this weekend we will be accepting trade ins to benefit Haiti. Any donated trades will be paid to International Medical Corps and where the usual cash value is usually 60% of the trade-in value, we will be posting all donations at the higher store credit value. We will continue to do the higher charity payout as long as we can afford it, at which point we will have to go back to our regular cash/credit split, but we will keep the program going as long as we think it's helping.

November 24, 2009

Band of Skulls -- FREE INSTORE

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Band of SkullsBand of Skulls Free In-store Performance
Tuesday, December 15th - 7:00pm

While their songs have featured prominently in video games and film and TV (including Twilight: New Moon), there is very little chance that Band of Skulls will be remembered as jingle-writers; these Brits have an incredible talent for plugging in and delivering big rock with a Seventies bent and a rhythmic bluesy stomp to it. They've been mentioned in the same breath as The Kills, The Ravonettes, and the Duke Spirit, and while the comparisons aren't bad, they don't convey the power-meets-glory of their 3-piece with dual vocals delivery.

Check out the video for "I Know What I Am" then head over to their myspace page for a 2nd helping.

Catch them December 11th at the Troubadour.

We will be opening the guest list for anyone who purchases Baby Darling Doll Face Honey. You may purchase in person or over he phone, but unfortunately we are unable to qualify online orders for the event. If space allows, once we're a little closer we will open the list first come, first served. In the spirit of full-disclosure we need to say we are thinking this is likely to sell out quickly. Baby Darling Doll Face Honey is available now for $9.99 and besides the event, your purchase will include a free custom event poster.

Click here to buy/sample Baby Darling Doll Face Honey

November 16, 2009

Lisa Hannigan "Live at Fingerprints" -- CD RELEASE

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Live at FingerprintsLisa Hannigan Live at Fingerprints CD Release
Available now for Pre-order

It's getting to be the time of year when reflection is upon us; making lists and reflecting on our favorite albums and our favorite shows/in-stores of 2009, so the timing of this indie-store only release couldn't be better. It finds Lisa and her band returning to our stage (Lisa and several members of the band played on the Damien Rice Live at Fingerprints release) and the term magical only scratches the surface. Containing 6 tracks from the Mercury Prize nominated Sea Sew, performed right here on our stage, this is a full band performance by a band with everything clicking into place. There are a tremendous number of exciting things happening for Lisa right now and we're extremely happy to be able to play a small part in her inevitable rise to several of those best of the year lists.

Live at Fingerprints is available beginning December 15th, but we're accepting pre-orders at the sale price of $5.49 starting now. All pre-orders will be entered to win a poster from the event (which ended up as the album cover in a slightly different form - woot! to Dana for the design).

Fanfarlo -- FREE INSTORE

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FanfarloFanfarlo Free In-store Performance
Monday, November 23rd - Time TBA

It can be dicey to judge a band by their producer, but sometimes it works (Brian Deck and Rick Rubin come to mind as two who have way more in their win columns than average) but a new production name on our radar is Peter Katis, and it's with great thanks to him that we stumbled across Fanfarlo, one of our favorite new bands. Katis has recorded albums with The National, The Swell Season, Interpol, Frightened Rabbit, and numerous others that are taking up space on our shelves at home.

Happily, to those shelves we're now adding the latest from Fanfarlo. Based in London, Fanfarlo is a collective of sorts, that specializes in up-tempo folk-ish songs, with a bit of Romani blood running through their appropriately attired neo-indie rock veins. They have an air of the orchestral to their music (think Beirut or Arcade Fire) and the fun they're having creating this, slightly moody and melancholy, music is pervasive; imagine a Merchant Ivory film suddenly turned into a house party and you're on the right path.

Check out the video for Luna, shot stripped down and acoustic in an empty garden for a small taste, then head over to their myspace page for a little meatier sample.

This event is also first come, first served, beginning tomorrow (11/17) at noon. Call us to be added to the guest list, at 562.433.4996

Click here to buy/sample Reservoir

Sea Wolf / Growlers-- FREE INSTORE

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Sea WolfSea Wolf / Growlers Free In-store Performance
Wednesday, November 18th 7:00pm

Lots of buzz on this one, but since it's upon us, and we have a couple of spots left... it's open season on the last couple of slots to see these two very fine bands. Call us after 10:30am on Monday and we'll hook you up, while the space allows. The folks who've already purchased a disc will get the priority entry, and if that's what you're looking for, we'll still get you in as quickly as possible with purchase of an album from either band, but if you want to wait until they've blown your mind to grab a CD or LP, we understand.

Sea Wolf has been out and about touring to promote the new album, White Water, White Bloom, and we are very happy to get them in to play for us.

We spent a lot of time trying to work out an in-store around their last record, and it just couldn't be done, so this is one of those delayed gratification evenings that usually serves to remind us that patience really can work in your favor.

Check their myspace to hear some of the new tracks and, when that leaves you wanting more, click over to listen to their last KCRW session.

To this already special evening, we've also added an acoustic warm-up set from The Growlers, straight out of Costa Mesa. They've been described as "garage-rock fuzz and a distorted voice, riding atop a surf-ska emotion that (drives) it toward making even the tightest legs move" (OC Weekly) - Check their myspace to hear some of their new tracks and watch for them opening shows for Julian Casablancas (of the Strokes) in the immediate future and Dr. Dog, a bit down the road.

Click here to buy/sample White Water, White Bloom

El Perro Del Mar -- FREE INSTORE

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El Perro Del MarEl Perro Del Mar Free In-store Performance
Sunday, November 22nd - 3:00pm

Three albums in and El Perro del Mar are still shaking things up. With Love Is Not Pop, Sarah Assbring (aka: El Perro del Mar) has taken the folk-pop meets girl group sound of From the Valley To the Stars, and added a darker, more groovy, element that makes for the perfect evolutionary next-step.

Sarah recently stopped in to use the facilities at the Fader Fort, and while this is a little more stripped down than what we're expecting next weekend, it gives you a great glimpse of what she's capable of pulling off with no-frills and no help.

Recent press includes:

"Mixing tears with sugary sound effects, she wallows with Scandinavian style."-New York Times

"A minimal Phil Spector sound. Unique and magical" - The London Times.

"Heartbreak and loneliness have never been so beautiful" - Word Mag.

8.1 - "Achingly genuine" - Pitchfork

The guest list will be open, first come, first served, starting at Noon on Monday (11/16). Stop in or call us to be added to the guest list. (562)433-4996

Click here to buy/sample Love Is Not Pop

November 03, 2009

60 Watt Kid -- FREE INSTORE

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60 Watt Kid60 Watt Kid Free In-store Performance
Friday, November 6th - 7:00pm

If you spent any time checking out the Summer & Music series we worked on earlier this year, you may have been lucky enough to see the whirling wall of sound that answers to the name of 60 Watt Kid. Their bio mentions that Kevin used to front Dance Disaster Movement, they took their name from a wanted poster in the laundry room of their apartment when the landlord was trying to figure out who kept stealing the light bulbs, and they've embraced the adjectives ambient, improvisational, 60s kitch, droney, psychedelic, acoustic freakout, and Folk-Noise. That's a lot of ground to cover, but cover it they do. Think about a crazy combination of Sonic Boom, Animal Collective and some bedroom Pink Floyd/Spiritualized mesomorph.

Some Recent Press:

"60 Watt Kid, swearing their love for krautrock and acid-folk, erupt out of the primal goddess Rock N' Roll, like a dream in which David Lynch produces 'Fear of Music' by the Talking Heads with Buddy Holly's Crickets as studio musicians."
      - Four stars, German Rolling Stone Magazine

"The 'Being John Malkovich' of indie"
      - Pitchfork review

"Triumphant weirdness"
      - Performer magazine

"Kevin, Derek, and now young Dylan are pretty much the most crucial and underrated band in Los Angeles at this point."
      - Grant, founder/curator Echo Curio

Click here to pre-buy We Come From the Bright Side

October 22, 2009

The Swell Season -- EVENT RECAP

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Swell Season PosterThe Swell Season – Recap-itation
Fingerprints -
October 20, 2009

What a night. We had hopes for something memorable to come out of an evening of music by Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova (collectively, The Swell Season), but we’re easy. This event was so much better than we could ever have dreamed; emotional, passionate, funny, and long enough for everyone to disappear into the groove. Starting off streetside, with an impromptu, unplugged solo version of "Say It To Me Now", Glen set the mark and collectively, they never moved off of it. Over the next hour plus, Glen and Mar worked through a set that included five songs from their stunning new album, Strict Joy, some of the
Swell Seasonbest bits from the Once soundtrack, covers of "Buzzin’ Fly" (Tim Buckley) and "New Partner" (Will Oldham), and a very nice, as yet unnamed new tune, that may very well end up with a name suggested by someone in our crowd. Here are a couple of other videos captured from the front couple of rows, hopefully they’ll take you back if you were there, and if you missed it, hopefully they’ll soothe the ache. Bear in mind that the videos are all audience shot and that the quality varies. Please help us spread the word.

  1. Say It To Me Now (street performance)

  2. Fallin’ Slowly

  3. *Low Rising (no video yet)

  4. *(Maybe I Was Born To Hold You) In These Arms (no video yet)

  5. *Feelin’ The Pull

  6. *Fantasy Man

  7. Leave

  8. Paper Cup (no video yet)

  9. *If You Want Me

  10. Walking Into Fingerprints (a new song, but this was my favorite of the shouted out titles)

  11. New Partner (Will Oldham Cover)

  12. Lies

  13. When Your Mind is Made Up

  14. Buzzin’ Fly (Tim Buckley Cover)

It was a magic evening, and I hope you were one of the handful of folks who made it into the show. If you missed it, tickets are still available for their Wiltern show on 11/19, and if you’re up for braving the crowd, they’ll be stopping in at Amoeba for an in-store on the 28th (Wednesday).

October 13, 2009

The Swell Season -- FREE INSTORE

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Swell SeasonSwell Season Free In-store Performance
Tuesday, October 20th - 7:00pm

Several years ago we were lucky enough to host The Frames while they were out supporting Damien Rice, and it is still one of our most talked about in-stores, to this day. Anyway, flash forward a few years, and Glen Hansard is now a movie star (Once) and he's playing in a new project called The Swell Season and we get the unbelievable call asking if they could play at the shop the day after the Academy Award telecast, but as a grounding experience if they win the Oscar for Best Song - Let me tell you when they won, it felt like we were gonna get to hold the gold guy. Well, long story short, they got a little overwhelmed with press requests and we agreed to revisit the idea when things had calmed down a bit. Apparently this is the eye of the storm. Mere days ahead of the release of Strict Joy we are incredibly excited to welcome Glen and Marketa to our humble little stage.

I could go on for days trying to describe their sound and still not do as god of a job as if I just sent you to watch the desk-top performance they did as a Tiny Desk concert for NPR.

The new album is a step forward from the sparseness of their self-titled debut and the Once soundtrack, due in large part to it boasting much fuller instrumentation, courtesy of several members of The Frames. You can Low Rent listening post them at their myspace page.

We are expecting a quick capacity bell on this one, so if you'd like to join us, please RSVP ASAP. We'll begin the pre-order Thursday at 11:00am, via drop in visit or phone call (Sorry, we need to keep too close an eye on the list to allow web orders). Our number, for those who don't have us on speed dial, is 562)433-4996. We are currently only opening the list for the folks who pre-order Strict Joy, which is due out on October 27th. (Please note; there is a regular, deluxe (with a live CD and a live DVD), and a vinyl version available, any and all will be available for pre-order.)

September 28, 2009

Ingrid Michaelson -- FREE INSTORE

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Ingrid MichaelsonIngrid Michaelson Free In-store Performance
Sunday, October 4th - Noon

A couple of years ago we were lucky enough to catch Ingrid as a star on the rise; she'd just released Girls and Boys and had established herself as a regular at the Hotel Café, but her song "Keep Breathing" hadn't yet become the defining example of music meets moment on network TV. If you remember the 2007 Season Finale of Grey's Anatomy when it was all song, then you are already intimately familiar with Ingrid's music. It was powerful, yet "The Way I Am" was even bigger (it was in the Old Navy commercial, c'mon, doesn't anyone listen to the radio anymore?). Anyway, Ingrid is stopping in to celebrate the release of her 2nd full-length album, Everybody. Ingrid is calling this one her "grown up" album, it's self-reflective and on it she wears her newfound maturity well. Ingrid's future was uncharted the last time she was here, but with her path much more apparent it is refreshing to see her enthusiasm to revisit the little shop where she did her first in-store.

Since we saw her last, Ingrid has appeared on Good Morning America, Live with Regis & Kelly, Late Night With Conan O'Brien, The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, NPR's Talk of the Nation, Fuse TV and she was a VH1 You Oughta Know artist. She has also been the subject of print features in publications as varied as the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The New Yorker, Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly and Billboard and she remembers her roots.

Please join us for this incredible opportunity to see Ingrid in an intimate setting for a special stripped down band performance. We have opened the guest list to anyone who purchases a copy of Everybody. Purchase includes priority entry and an event poster. On the chance there's still room as we get closer we will make it first come, first served beginning at 11am Friday. (Please note, we're unable to offer guest list priority with online purchase, so give us a call or come on in.)

You can wrap your head around some of the new songs on Ingrid's myspace page.

Click here to buy/sample Everybody

September 18, 2009

Langhorne Slim -- FREE INSTORE

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Langhorne SlimLanghorne Slim Free In-store Performance
Wednesday, September 23rd, 7:00pm

In a world overlong on guys with guitars, we are constantly reminded that making meaningful music with the power to stop you in your tracks is a rare gift. Langhorne Slim has this gift in abundance.

After a couple of under-appreciated releases Langhorne recorded an album with Sam Kassirer, the keyboard player for Josh Ritter and childhood star of the Black Stallion (if you can believe the stories that Josh tells) and Langhorne's light was lit. His early press releases called him "the bastard son of Hasil Adkins" and with his fevered blend of Dylan, the Cramps, and the soundtrack to O Brother Where Art Thou, he manages to combine traditional folk, country, and blues in way we haven't seen since Beck was rocking the blues and the boombox.

Some press quotes:
"Slim's range and depth are on full display this time out... he has painted his first near masterpiece, marking himself as a true artist whose work should be followed with a careful ear from here on out."
        - Paste

"a rush of hoe-down guitars and echo-laden drums topped off with a half-yelp of a vocal that recalls a slightly more unhinged Jack White."
        - Uncut

The guest list will open first come, first served on Monday (9/21) at 11:00am, but if you'd like to assure yourself a spot, priority entry, and a swanky poster you should pre-order a copy of Be Set Free, which is out on 9/29, but exclusively available at this event, almost a full week early.

Nels Cline / G.E. Stinson -- FREE INSTORE

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Nels ClineNels Cline / G.E. Stinson Free In-store Performance
September 21st - 7:00pm

What? Nels Cline? The Clark Kent of LA guitarists? Yep, that Nels Cline. Nels has made a career playing both avant and improvisational jazz, as well as playing in Scarnella and The Geraldine Fibbers, and if that's not enough, for the past several years he's been keeping busy as the guitarist/utility player for Wilco. Providing counter-point to Nels will be the incomparable G. E. Stinson, who is best known for his solo work (including previous work with Nels and Alex Cline) and his work with Shadowfax and Halfmonk. This evening of music is being described as an evening of Sound Expansion, Destruction, and Resurrection.

Together Nels and G.E. have recently recorded Elevating Device, a single and expansive 44 minute track that provides a unique look into the rabbit hole of avant guitar improvisation. Cline and Stinson will attack, sample, and soothe their instruments throughout this incendiary evening of unique guitar music.

The guest list is now open, first come first served, though those who purchase Elevating Device will receive an event poster to accompany their CD.

Here is a snippet from Elevating Device.

Mason Jennings -- FREE INSTORE

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Mason JenningsMason Jennings Free In-store Performance
Sunday, September 20th - 2:00pm

Comparison shoppers seem to want to lump Mason in with songwriting contemporaries Ray LaMontagne, Brett Dennen, and Ben Kweller, and while there is a rough edge, like Ray, and an innocence, like Brett, plus a little of that sense of pop love that makes Ben so much fun, these comparisons overlook the yearning ache and poetic heart that inform so many of Mason's songs, not to mention the songs themselves, which range from passionate social studies to intimate character portraits.

Mason started off as a devoted DIY artist, self-releasing his albums and building his fan-base one show at a time. After a short stint on Isaac Brock's (of Modest Mouse) record label imprint, Mason seems to have found a home at Jack Johnson's Brushfire label. It's hard to judge a record by it's label, but Jack and Emmett at Brushfire have done a remarkable job of finding artists with a unique level of passion, creativity, and chops - we'd listen to anything they put out, because most, like Mason, find a permanent spot in our collection and on our soundtrack once we've given them a couple spins.

Rolling Stone recently gave Blood of Man a 4-star review calling it his best album yet and calling him "one of the best acoustic-based singer-songwriters you've never heard." A full album ago we almost had Mason in to play, but there was a scheduling conflict, and with assurances of a return as soon as possible, we did that "see you soon" thing and right now, we couldn't be happier that that time is now. Please join us for this long in the making and sure to be memorable event.

The guest list opens first come, first served on Friday at 11:00 (OPEN NOW), but if you like to cement yourself a priority spot at the front of the line, as well as receive an event poster and 2-song bonus disc, drop in or call us asap and purchase a copy of Blood of Man and we'll make sure you're all set for this show. (Please note, guest list priority available only with in-store or phone purchases.)

You can hear Mason at his Myspace page.

Mason plays the Shins' "Gone for Good" right here.

Still on the fence, or just looking for more? Check out the new video for "Ain't No Friend of Mine" here or clickety-click here to watch a short film on the making of Blood of Man.

Click to buy/sample Blood of Man

September 14, 2009

Brandi Shearer -- FREE INSTORE

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Brandi ShearerBrandi Shearer - Free In-store Performance
Tuesday, September 15th - 7:00pm

The guest list for this great event is wide open--just give us a call or stop by to get your name on the list.

Born in rural Oregon, Brandi Shearer's singing career began by entertaining her grandmother with versions of "Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue" and "Isn't It Romantic" played by numbers on a Sears Roebuck electric piano. Later, she moved to Europe where she learned about Billie Holiday and singing effectively in front of drunken audiences. French girls taught her to artfully apply makeup and wear her hair just so. She sang in bars, clubs, festivals& living rooms across the continent until landing in Hungary. After some time spent living the expatriate life, she returned to the States to pursue a career in music on her native soil. That's the music story.

Brandi is setting off for a national tour of record stores and we're are ground zero, so please join us to help send her out with her pockets full of stars.

Some recent press:
"With a style reminiscent of Norah Jones at times and Fiona Apple at others, the sultry-voiced Shearer has crafted a very good collection of bluesy, heartfelt tales of love and loss, such as the bittersweet Lullabies." -PEOPLE MAGAZINE

"The singer you should get to know well is Brandi Shearer. She has a heaven-scent, heart-shuddering vocal style." -LA WEEKLY

"Brandi Shearer's brief set showcased her impressively bluesy voice and songwriting.... There's more than a touch of Janis Joplin.... Shearer's set had a comfortable lived-in feeling, while Shearer always seemed ready to cut loose and start smashing the furniture". -VARIETY

Judge for yourself at her myspace listening post.

Be sure to check out Brandi's latest Love Don't Make You Juliet

September 06, 2009

Willie Nile -- FREE INSTORE

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Willie NileWillie Nile - Free In-store Performance
Saturday, September 12th - time TBD

Willie Nile's debut album was called "one of the most thrilling post-Byrds folk-rock albums of all time" by Music Hound, which could be daunting for a new artist, but not to worry, over 20 years later Bono said of his last album (Streets of New York) that it was "A Great Album", while Graham Parker was busy calling it a "real gem" and Little Steven said "he's so good, I can't believe he's not from New Jersey." Well, that's a pretty nice bookend to a killer scrapbook, and while hardly faint praise, it all pales next to some unnamed mook who called him " A one-man Clash". Now, that is cool as hell.

Over the years, Willie has played with Richard Thompson, Lounden Wainwright III, Roger McGuinn, Ringo Starr, Tori Amos, Elvis Costello, Lucinda Williams, and Ian Hunter, among others, all who probably won't stop in as special guests (but you never know....)

To celebrate the release of his new album, House of a Thousand Guitars, Willie will be in town for an intimate showcase at McCabes in Santa Monica (same day, just later) and we are very happy to have him in to perform his urban version of neo-classic American roots music.

The guest list is wide open, so round up your friends and let us know you're coming. 562.433-4996

Check Willie's myspace page for samples.

September 05, 2009

A Fine Frenzy -- FREE INSTORE

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Fine FrenzyA Fine Frenzy - Free In-store Performance
Thursday, September 10th - 7:00pm

Coming way out of left field, this just added in-store is going to be the very definition of white-hot. Alison Sudol is a major sensation who is perched on the cusp of the release of her second full-length album, Bomb in a Birdcage, and if it's anywhere as well received as her debut, One Cell in the Sea, it won't be long before folks start asking if "she really played here?"

Alison cites influences including Coldplay and Keane, but the sharp-eared among you will hear traces of early Sarah McLachlan and Snow Patrol. While One Cell in the Sea was largely described as quiet and ethereal, Alison describes Bomb in the Birdcage by saying

"I think some people may be surprised, they think that I'm all fragile and ethereal-and that's lovely, it's flattering. It's all I've really let anyone see, up to this point. But I have a wild side too. I like to bang on things and cause a ruckus every now and then. I'm a quiet person with a loud streak. I like both. This record is a testament to that."

We are opening the guest list first for anyone who pre-orders Bomb in a Birdcage, beginning on Friday (09/04) at 11:00am (via phone or drop in visit only). If space allows, we will open it wide as we get closer to Thursday.

Check Alison's myspace page for samples.

September 04, 2009

Trevor Hall -- FREE INSTORE

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Trevor HallTrevor Hall - Free In-store Performance
Saturday, Sept. 5th - 5:00pm

In a land full of beach-bound troubadours, Trevor blends of Cali beach bonfire and authentic island grooves with an incredibly refreshing positivity that is largely missing from his peers.

Trevor's played and recorded with Matisyahu, Krishna Das, and Colbie Caillat and he toured for over a year as the main support for Burning Spear.

After a couple of self-released albums, Trevor has just made his Vanguard Records debut and the response has been strong and building - we're hoping to keep the excitement going with this local appearance. The guest list is wide open, so circle up some friends and join us for what is sure to be a memorable night.

Check Trevor's myspace for samples.

August 22, 2009


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FunFun Free In-store Performance
Sunday, August 30th - 7:00pm

Fresh off the stage from his former job fronting The Format, we are very happy to be able to host Fun, the latest project from Nate Ruess. Joining Nate in Fun are Jack Antonoff of Steel Train and Andrew Dost, soundscape wizard of Anathallo. If you need a point of reference think 70s influenced indie-pop, with a major fetish for all things E.L.O. and a more than passing nod to Queen.

Fun is heading out on tour to support their new album Aim and Ignite, but before they all pile into the bus, they're taking it to the Fingerprints stage for an evening of populist entertainment.

We are opening up the guest list to anyone who pre-orders Aim & Ignite beginning now. Call us and secure yourself a spot for this evening of good times and great music.

Sample your little heart out at their myspace listening station. If that's not enough, just google "Fun".

Summer and Music -- LONG BEACH FUNKFEST

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Long Beach FunkfestLong Beach Funkfest
August 29 · Pine Ave & Broadway · FREE!

Oh the Funk you will see, if only you'll venture down to Pine St. 10 bands of Grade A, first class, Funk, Funk, and more Funk.

Say it with me, Charles Wright and the 103rd St Band (Express Yourself, go ahead), Dawn Silva and the Brides of Funkenstein (including members of the Family Stone), Breakestra, Mandrill, The Meters Experience (with Leo Nocentelli), 00 Soul, Baby Stone (who grew up calling Sly Stone "Daddy"), Danny Bedrosian (of P-Funk), Delta Nove, and Slapback - scattered throughout the day will be members of Parliament/Funkadelic, The Family Stone, and several other bands who helped define the genre (including a possible surprise that might just blow your mind) but talking about surprises is never good form, so we'll just say "if you're on the fence, get off" and leave it at that.

If you're thinking, "yeah, it sounds fun, but what about all the people?" "Where will I go to get a break?" First, there will be a space set aside to chill on the Promenade, but if you want to hear the music, leave your mark on a day-long buffet, and secure yourself some VIP parking, you should hop over to the SAM website and peep the VIP Access Deal. Conversely, if you're all about staying center-stage from the first note to the last, maybe a hotel is what you're looking for... if so, click here for a very generous hotel offer from one of the nicest hotels in the whole city, the Avia Hotel.

If you're looking for a way to get involved, maybe thinking you should give a little back to the Funk that's been so good to you, we recommend throwing your hands in the air and saying "pick me, pick me" until we give you the nod.

I'm sure I'm forgetting something huge and epic, but if a Day-long free event, with world class talent, a VIP package, and a hotel offer aren't enough to get you off the couch you should really hit the SAM link and skip around a bit until you come to your senses.

Dengue Fever -- FREE INSTORE

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Dengue FeverDengue Fever Free In-store Performance
Monday, August 24th - 7:00pm

With barely a whisper, we've already begun filling up the list for this little shindig. Dengue Fever blend classic surf, 60s garage, and a whole wide world of international influences, most traceable are their Cambodian roots, thanks in large part to vocalist Chhom Nimol, but abundantly apparent are threads of Indian, Ethiopian, and other worldly colors - and with all of that said, if pushed to find a box to put them into, there isn't a one-word description that comes as close Psyche (and given a few extra qualifiers, I'd settle on "classic", "garagey", and "cool-as-hell"). I'm probably not as good at this as Spin is, and they said:

"A unique and surprisingly danceable group that combines a beautiful Khmer-language vocalist from Cambodia and a quintet of seasoned locals with a knack for mixing Southeast Asian pop, Vietnam-war-era lounge music, klezmer, ska, surf rock, and Ethiopian jazz."

The guest list is open like a double-wide, but hurry. Drop by the store or give us a call at 562)433-4996 to secure your spot.

August 20, 2009

Summer and Music -- BUSKERFEST

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Friday, August 21st - 6:00pm

Evening - Open on: The East Village Arts District (1st Street, between Elm and Linden)

This is our big event of the SAM Summer Series, oh the crowd may end up being bigger for the Funk Fest, but Busker Fest is nearest and dearest for us, as it's loaded with our friends and our neighbors. If you're just hearing about it, it will start with 15 great local bands breaking things down for a series of three 25-minute streetside sets, and it will end with a free show from our local favorites, Cold War Kids.

After a bit of schedule shuffling, we've settled in with Avi Buffalo, Eugene and the 1914, Matt Death and the New Intellectuals, Chase Long Beach, Chris Paul Overall, Twilite Company, So Many Wizards, Forcefield ON, Pawnshop Kings, Chris Karn (of Decca Tree), Brook Lee Catastrophe, Jay Buchanan, Blade of Grass, Rally for One, and Marika Dahlin (whew). It's gonna be amazing. When you get there, be sure to stop in at an info booth and grab some wooden nickels so you can vote for your favorites. At 9:00pm, the main stage opens with our busker winner, followed by Cold War Kids. We're silly with happiness and really hope to see you there. Bring friends, support the arts, and give it up for all of this incredible local talent.

Busker Fest opens at 6:00, so you can get settled in and get your nickels, the music starts at 7:00, and well... it just keeps going. Check the map on SummerAndMusic for parking, set times, and other helpful info.

To reiterate, this is a free event.

August 03, 2009

Jay Reatard - FREE INSTORE

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Jay ReatardJay Reatard Free In-store Performance
Wednesday, August 19th - (time TBA)

We weren't really ready to announce this one yet, but if you know Jay... well, you'll already know he's got his own way of doing things. Whether he's releasing an album as extremely limited 7" singles, in numbers that got smaller as he got bigger (just to make everyone crazy) or getting massive love from NME, Spin, and Rolling Stone without having a solo full-length out yet. Pulling off the unexpected has become a bit of a hallmark for Jay, so while his announcement may have caught us a bit off-guard, the idea that he's going to bring his high energy, dirty-blues magic to our humble little stage is the most unexpected bit of the whole thing.

Jay will be releasing Watch Me Fall on August 4th, and we're going to open the guest list to folks who pre-buy it on vinyl or CD first, so if you'd like to join us for what will without a doubt be a memorable event please stop into the store or call (562.433.4996) and we'll get you all set up.

Nathan Maxwell -- FREE INSTORE

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Nathen MaxwellNathen Maxwell Free In-store Performance
Tuesday, August 18th - 7:00pm

So there's this little band you may have heard of, they're called Flogging Molly and the word is there's a bit of that ole Irish magic in their mix... and maybe a bit of liquid Irish (or is that Scotch?). Anyway, when Flogging Molly isn't tearing up the stages of the world, their members are busy with solo projects; one such project is Nathen Maxwell & The Original Bunny Gang. Nathen is the Bass player for Flogging Molly and his debut as a solo artist finds him walking the beach, enjoying drinks with umbrellas, and singing songs that will appeal to Southern California beach lovers. If you need a point of reference, I can tell you Nathen's got a healthy love of rock, reggae and folk music, which after a run through his internal filter has come together as an album that will appeal as much to fans of Jack Johnson, Manu Chao, and Bob Marley as it will Flogging Molly and the Pogues.

We're opening the guest list for anyone who pre-orders White Rabbit beginning Friday, July 31st. Come on in or give us a call at the store (562.433.4996)

Photo Credit: Chris Donez

July 21, 2009

Floating Action & Generationals - FREE INSTORE

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Floating Action + GenerationalsPark The Van Showcase with Floating Action & Generationals
Thursday, July 30th - 7:00pm

In the Big Book of Big Record Labels (note the caps), there is barely a footnote for Park the Van... yet. No one would fault you for not being familiar with this small label out of Louisiana, but there's a good chance their little orange traffic cone might well become a hallmark of great music, you see they've put out fantastic records by Dr. Dog, Pepi Ginsburg, The Teeth, Capitol Eye, and new releases from the hotly tipped (and KCRW favorites) Floating Action and The Generationals.

Floating Action is the nom de stage of Seth Kauffman, whose mix of classic soul and island melodies has garnered him comparisons to such iconic talents as Sam Cooke, Sharon Jones, and Beck. He did an amazing session with daytrotter, which is available here. Of the session the music nerds over there said "He invokes those classic, soul staples of deep and penetrating bass lines, simple but ideal and perfect lyrics about the troubles of love and jingling guitars. He gives you the jitters and the absolute sway is all his."

Generationals, on the other hand, are a duo that sounds like a band. The collaboration of Ted Joyner and Grant Widmer (formerly of Eames Era) has a big old rock sound that also got them into the Daytrotter Studio for a session recorded while they were in Austin for SXSW, a session that garnered them "you might like if you like" comparisons to Belle & Sebastian, Squeeze, and The Shins.

We're gonna open the guest list first come, first serve, for anyone who's up for a sonic introduction to a couple of new bands. Our number is 562)433-4996.

July 20, 2009


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www.summerandmusic.comS.A.M. Presents - Battle of the Tribute Bands
Saturday, July 25th - 1-6pm

If you've been keeping up with the reality show that has become our lives this year, you'll already have bookmarked the summer and music website and have penciled this date into your calendar, but if your own reality show has allowed you to get distracted, check this out: We've booked a handful of the best & brightest tribute bands we could find and have slotted them into the Nautical Shell at Rainbow Harbor for a winner-take-almost-all, head-to-head, ground-pounding, rock-and-roll hyphen-fest. The bands include tributes to Pearl Jam (Vitalogy), No Doubt (No Duh), The Stones (Satisfaction), The Cure (The Cured), Dave Matthews (Stepping Feet), Bruce Springsteen (The Rising), and U2 (Hollywood U2). I wish I could claim the idea, because it's going to be the most fun/ridiculous thing we do all summer. Grab a picnic, hop on your bike (there's a free bicycle valet), and throw on your favorite holey (holy?) classic rock t-shirt and get ready for a little whooping and hollering. The winning band gets bragging rights and a princely sum of cash.

Do your part to make sure (that one band you don't like) doesn't walk away with the whole enchilada. There is a Battle of the Bands schedule (plus amazing video from our past events and a forward looking schedule) at

FREE Family-friendly fun, courtesy of the DLBA, the RDA, and local Long Beach businesses - Get yourself some, while it lasts!

Noisettes -- FREE INSTORE

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NoisettesNoisettes Free In-store Performance
Friday, July 24th - 7:00pm
** SOLD OUT **

Some of you may be familiar with the soulful garagey racket these Brits made on their debut, but you have not heard anything yet... since their last album this trio of noise-makers dug around in that same garage and found a wagon load of great old vintage gear (including a producer who makes that old-time magic). This new direction is soulful, funky, a bit sweaty, and damn near impossible to sit still for - if it was coming out this summer it could have been the biggest record of the season, instead it's going to have to rule in the Fall. But that's of very little concern to us, because we've got them coming in, fresh off of a KCRW session earlier in the day, to record a live session with us. We've got nothing to sell, except maybe a limited 7" and a copy of their old album, but if you'd like to join us, all you've got to do is ask. RSVP is required, but a purchase is not. It's gonna rule.

You can get your advance groove on at their myspace page.

July 12, 2009


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Alan RifkinAlan Rifkin and Friends: Reading / Performance
Monday, July 20th - 7:00pm

Rock and Roll has a lot of literary pretensions, some even reach these lofty aspirations, but it's much less common for literary artists to have a rock and roll heart. It happened with Kerouac and the Beats, and while there have been other writers who rock, they're few and far between. Locally, we're lucky to have such a rocking writer in our midst; Alan Rifkin's writing has been called "Hauntingly beautiful, the work of a gifted storyteller with a sharp eye but a tender heart." by the Los Angeles Times Book Review; they were talking about his book Signal Hill which was nominated for the 2004 Southern California Booksellers Award in Fiction. Now Alan has finished his latest book, the self-released, self-published, and very importantly free: Alt. Country. It's available as a download here and the best part, it features a soundtrack, including tunes from We Five, Stanley Wycoff (featuring Dave Alvin and Chris Gaffney), and David Stadalnikas.

To celebrate the virtual release we are very proud to welcome Alan to our little stage for a reading and a live playback of some of the songs.

It's gonna be a different type of evening for us, a little more cultured than our usual fare, so please make some plans to join us, and we'll all get a little better read.

We will have copies of Alan's book Signal Hill on hand, but feel free to print out the front page for Alt. Country, if you'd like a signed copy. Musical guests will include Stanley Wycoff and Jerry Burgan (of the We Five).

RSVP, but no purchase, required, so please give us a call if you'd like to attend.


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Vinyl SaturdayVinyl Saturday - A Record Store Day Event
Saturday, July 18th - All day

Many of you partied the day away with us in April for Record Store Day, and since it was so much fun, we've decided to get involved in the RSD Vinyl Saturday event with a "2 x 10" deal. The first 10 is 10% off any vinyl purchase, new or used all day Saturday (7/18), and the second is an additional 10% in value, in cash or store credit, for vinyl trades brought in on this day only (and we're bringing in an extra buyer, so will be able to do LP trades all day). We'll do your LP trade, tell you the value, then add an additional 10% to your total. We're looking into a few other vinyl oriented elements to add to the mix, including a new indie store only 7" from Peter Holsapple & Chris Stamey (aka The Dbs) and a new white label Beastie Boys 12" (but so far it's not clear if we're gonna have this one in time.) Watch this space for more information.

July 11, 2009


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The Dead WeatherThe Dead Weather Listening Party
Tuesday, July 14th - 7:00pm

Oh, that Jack White, if it wasn't enough that he's got The White Stripes and The Raconteurs to keep himself busy, or that he's produced an amazing album by Loretta Lynn (granted it was a while ago), but he recently opened a record store in Nashville, and now he's got yet another band that he plays in as the drummer and sometimes vocalist, called The Dead Weather; a band that features Alison Mosshart (whose day job is being half of The Kills) and Jack Lawrence, who plays bass for The Raconteurs, plus Dean Fertita of Queens Of The Stone Age. The term "Super Group" almost seems a little inadequate.

To help get the excitement level to a fever-pitch, we're gonna bring in a couple of pizzas, round up some prizes, and roll up some posters and lithos for anyone who purchases a copy on CD or LP.

Click here to buy The Dead Weather's Horehound.

July 06, 2009

Death By Stereo -- ** CANCELED **

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Death By StereoDeath By Stereo Free In-store Performance
Tuesday, July 7th - 7:00pm

We're sorry to announce that this event has been canceled.

In what is likely to be seen as an epic meeting in the middle arrangement, Death By Stereo have agreed to strip things down and we've agreed that we need a little more rock and roll in our lives, so while it won't be ferocious by any means, this in-store will definitely bump the energy up a couple of notches.

After 3 albums for Epitaph, Death By Stereo has just signed to Serj Tankian's (System Of A Down) Serjical Strike label. Death is My Only Friend is being called "A unique, genre-bending amalgam of hardcore, metal, and punk." Death By Stereo has shared stages with Slipknot, AFI, Serj Tankian, Avenged Sevenfold, and Rage Against the Machine, among others. Oh my.

We are opening the guest list to everyone who pre-orders Death is My Only Friend beginning Wednesday, July 1, at 6:00pm.

Check out a couple of tracks at their myspace and give us a ring and get your pre-order in before this hits the band's websites, because this bad boy is gonna fill up fast. (Be sure to call or come into the store when you pre-order.) If you're on the fence and feeling lucky, we'll open the list next Monday, first come first served.

July 01, 2009

Summer And Music

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Summer and MusicSummer And Music - Soul Motion and beyond...

Thanks to all of you who joined us for Soul Motion last Sunday. There is nothing as great as putting a lot of effort and worry into an event and having everything go about a perfectly as possible. The music was amazing beginning with the Mod/pop stylings of The New Fidelity, followed by the funky as hell good times of the Boogaloo Assassins, the ridiculously creative (and creatively ridiculous) Money Mark, who thought to mash up the Charlie's Angel theme song and the bass line from Billie Jean, among his other incredible concoctions, and a closing set from the incomparable ALO, who brought an abundance of good vibes to close out the evening. It was stellar and even more so because of those of you who came out and made it all worth doing. If you were there, please help us spread the word and if you missed it, please try to make it out to one of these very special events.

Next up, we'll be continuing to bring the great free music to Rainbow Harbor on Friday evenings, the East Village on Saturday mid-mornings, and Pine Street on Sundays; including a Battle of the Tribute Bands, a return of 00 Soul and Boogalo Assassins , a Gospel Brunch, Pawnshop Kings, a major Funk Festival, and quiet a bit more. Check out our schedule (so far) at

June 23, 2009

Summer And Music - SOUL MOTION

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Soul MotionS.A.M. - Soul Motion Scooter Fest & Street Party
This Sunday, June 28th, 4-10pm
(Pine Ave, between B'way and 1st St.)

We've partnered with our pals from Schooled in Song and the folks at the DLBA & the LB RDA to bring a bucket-load of great music to Downtown. We've knocked a couple of weekends worth off the shelf already, but it's only starting to heat up. Next weekend finds Pine Street closed, the stage rolled out, and vintage soul, rock, and jam music filling the streets. We've also invited out enough vintage scooters to finally realize my dream of combining Guys and Dolls and Quadrophenia. It's gonna be fun and it's gonna be free. Bring your friends, bring a picnic, and soak it up. FREE scooter parking and bike valet (so get out of the car and be a star - you know, in Guydrophenia).

Here's a little peep at the line-up:

DJ Dennis Owens    4pm - 10pm
You know him best as the spinner of the good times at his club, The Good Foot. Funk & Soul all evening between sets.

The New Fidelity    5pm - 6pm
Neo-Mod music mashed up with pop power, and all of it calling Long Beach home.

The Boogaloo Assassins    6pm - 7pm
A heady stew of Latin, Salsa, Funk, & so many good vibes that you'll join the throngs trying to shuffle and stomp them out (I'm not sure if our permit covers dancing, so we're gonna stick with all that moving up front being a public service).

Money Mark    7pm - 8pm
You've seen him doing handstands on stage while playing the keys for the World Famous Beastie Boys, but have you caught his soulful turn as a front man? It's a little less flash-pot and a lot more slow burn. Money Mark knows no boundaries, effortlessly fusing hip hop, world beat, funk, and classic soul.

ALO (Animal Liberation Orchestra)    8pm - 9:30pm
You may have caught ALO touring as support for Dave Matthews or Jack Johnson (where ALO front man Zach Gill spends time behind the keys), but it's as a band that ALO's blend of soulful jams and sharp songwriting really start the party. This will be the perfect close to a night in the streets.

You can now follow the latest news from the Summer and Music festival through Facebook.

Click here for more info on the Summer And Music fest.


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Pete YornPete Yorn Free In-store Performance
Tuesday, June 23rd - 7:00pm

Well, here we are the day of and we've still got a few spots left for tonight's show, so if you'd like to join us please give us a call as soon as possible and we'll do what we can to get you into the show. While there is room we are still accepting pre-orders for Pete's new album Back and Fourth via phone (or if you want a copy now and you can stop in, that would work too). If you purchase today you will receive, in addition to your CD: an indie store only 5 song bonus acoustic disc, a poster from the event, and priority entry to the show and the signing afterward. Having heard the new album, I can say it will rank as one of his best, and having seen all of Pete's previous in-stores, tonight will rank among our best, so whether you're buying or not be sure call quickly so you can join us.

Since we've last heard from Pete, he's been incredibly busy. The word is he's finished three new albums, including one with Frank Black and another with Scarlet Johansson, but the first up is his next solo album, titled Back and Fourth, and he's very generously agreed to stop in and kick things off for this new record with a street date Fingerprints in-store. Pete has been a favorite around here since his first album (and his in-store to kick it off) and we've stayed friends ever since. When folks scan our walls one of the most common questions is when will we have Pete back? Well, it's time - and we couldn't be happier.

Check out Pete's Myspace page and then get on the phone and get yourself sorted out for this event.

June 12, 2009

Tom Brosseau -- FREE INSTORE

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Tom BrosseauTom Brosseau Free In-store Performance
Friday, June 19th - 7:00pm

Every once in a while we throw our arms around a fresh young musician and hold on, Tom Brosseau is such an artist. Echoing the dustbowl earnestness of early masters like Seeger and Guthrie, while still sounding fresh enough to garner comparisons to Devendra Banheart and Antony (of the Johnsons), Tom is a shining light in the new "authentic music" movement (yeah, I just made it up, but click his myspace and see if it doesn't fit). Tom is a real American original and this will be his first Fingerprints appearance to feature accompaniment (and his third, overall), and we're expecting the additional colors in his palette to take things to a new level.

We are opening the guest list first come, first served, so click that myspace link and then grab your phone (our number is 562.433.4996). Tom's new album is Posthumous Success and while it's not officially out until June 23rd, we've talked to the time-warp and we're happy to announce that our in-store will be the first place you can grab this most excellent new album.

Summer And Music

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Summer and MusicSummer and Music series
All Summer, Downtown Long Beach

Fingerprints has once again partnered with the fine folks at Schooled in Song, a pairing that brought 30 bands, 3 stages, and as much free music as this town could hold in one day to the East Village Arts District last Summer, with the influence and finances of both the DLBA and RDA to bring you the best in local and internationally touring artists for a series of weekly free concerts. We've corralled three of the nicest corners in the Downtown area and have our crews sweeping and polishing for your arrival. So far, we've done a test run with Mama's Boys at the Rainbow Harbor, Brett Bixby and DJ Abel at the East Village Farmer's Market, and a street corner session by So Many Wizards and Deep Sea Diver on the corner of Pine and 1st (look for video coming soon). But more important than the peek back at the first couple sets, which really did work well, is a peek forward to some of our favorites who are upcoming: 00 Soul, DJ Lithuanian Prince & Brooke Lee Catastrophe, and Jay Buchanan this coming weekend, Greater California next weekend, and our first blowout street party the following weekend with DJ Dennis Owens (Good Foot / Fingerprints LP buyer), New Fidelity, Boogaloo Assassins, Money Mark, and ALO - all combined with a Scooter show and the feeling that "we own this place" that comes with a Pine Street closure (and all free!). Check out our S.A.M. website and start working on plans to have your out of town friends over to the Beach. Soon you can also join us on Facebook and Twitter for the full stereo sound (we'll post the links as soon as they're active).

Click here for more info on the Summer and Music festival.

May 22, 2009

Aggrolites -- FREE INSTORE

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AggrolitesAggrolites Free In-store Performance
Saturday, June 6th - 1:00pm

They've been here before and folks are still talking about it, so when they asked about coming back it was an immediate "Yes". For the release of their new album, IV, The Aggrolites have once again agreed to strip things down to their acoustic roots and bring their dirty reggae party back to celebrate their outstanding new album. Their sound is a blend of funky old-school ska and reggae, lovingly representing the classic sounds of 70s Jamaica to a generation that has never heard of Studio One. This is their most accomplished set yet, with more soulful settings to feature singer Jesse Wagner's Motown-inflected voice. The record arrives on the heels of the band accepting their first appearance at Coachella, and backing Rancid's Tim Armstrong on his debut solo album, A Poet's Life.

Their new album IV is supposed to hit the shelves on Tuesday, June 9th, but we've secured a waiver from the proper authorities to open the window immediately following the in-store for any of the fans who are able to join us to buy a copy, but the rest have to go back in the box until Tuesday. So, if you'd like to join us, we've opened the guest list for anyone who pre-orders IV to join us for this special event. If there is still space available we will open the list first come first served on Friday, June 5th.

Click over to their myspace page for a little sampling.

Click here to pre-buy/check out IV

Michelle Shocked -- FREE INSTORE

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Michelle ShockedMichelle Shocked In-store Performance
Tuesday, May 26th - 7:00pm

I'm going to have a very difficult time not being a complete geek for this in-store, but I'm gonna do my best. Michelle almost single-handedly created the punk/folk, female fronted, "every kind of influence that shouldn't work, but somehow does" archetype, back in the days when college radio actually meant something, and since that time she has continued to push the envelope at every opportunity. Soul of My Soul, Michelle's latest, finds her walking the fine line between love and anger, occasionally poking a toe a little bit over the line, which often happens with rock and roll - and make no mistake, this is time out Michelle is rockin' out to match her best work.

We've just opened the guest list first come, first served, and we would love it if you could join us. Call to get yourself set for what will surely become another most-talked about event. Guests are limited to +1. The number is 562.433.4996 and operators are standing by...

Click over to Michelle's myspace page for a sample of the new album.

Click here to buy/sample Soul of My Soul

May 21, 2009


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VeckatimestGrizzly Bear Listening Party
Monday, May 25th - 7:00pm

Veckatimest is shaping up to be one of the most anticipated releases of the year, and while the album has leaked and all those overly ambitious downloaders are probably walking around listening to it on their headphones right now, we'd like to have those of you who still listen to music in a social environment in while we turn it up and do a little bit of that rock and roll thingy. We're gonna do a raffle and give away a bit of cool stuff and we'll have a free poster with purchase, while they last.

Click here to buy Veckatimest

May 10, 2009


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Zee Avi
Zee Avi Free In-store Performance
Tuesday, May 19th - 7:00pm

Zee Avi is the latest signing to Jack Johnson's Brushfire label and she benefits greatly from the association; her studio band features Adam and Merlo from Jack's band and her touring band boasts James and Mitch from Matt Costa's band, both are great associations for a fresh faced new songwriting voice, and happily, Zee manages to meet the "worthy" requirements. Her story began to pick up steam when she was spotted on Youtube by White Stripes and The Shins manager, Ian Montone, which led to her recording at the Brushfire studio and well the tiles just kept falling into place for her, a great track on the Brushfire Christmas album, the aforementioned studio help, and comparisons ranging from Cat Power and Regina Spektor to Leonard Cohen and Jolie Holland, with a stop along the way to wave at jazz greats like Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald. We are very happy to host her first in-store and to help her generate a little street-date excitement for her debut, self-titled album.

Check her myspace page for a few samples.

Also, you can get a bit more in-depth at her youtube page.

This is a great opportunity to catch a rising star as they used to say, and if you're into saying "I was there", this is about as close as you can get. The guest list is open now, call us if you'd like to attend. 562)433-4996

Click to pre-buy her self titled debut.

May 01, 2009

Iron and Wine -- FREE INSTORE

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Iron & WineIron and Wine Free In-store Performance
Sunday, May 10th - 4:00pm

If we were trying to get you all fired up, we shouldn't have to tell you too much more than that Sam Beam is coming back for another of his legendary in-stores. I'm pretty sure Sam's first ever in-store was here, back in the days before Buffalo Exchange. He's certainly filled the room with his glorious, story-based, acoustic confections twice, and both times rank among the best appearances we've ever had.

May 19th will see the release of Around the Well, a two CD or 3 LP set, comprised of a career-spanning collection of demos and lo-fi home recordings on one disc, and more fully produced studio recordings, including tracks with friends and other musicians on the other disc. That sounds like two great reasons to look forward, and if you count the in-store, well, that's the holy trinity of good news.

Sam is heading out for a tour of very intimate venues for an evening of songs by request. I have no idea what the set up will be at the shop, beyond it being a solo acoustic set-up and there being a chance of you getting in, you see the word is all of the local shows on this current tour have sold out. Unfortunately, this event is already sold out.

Photo by Matthew Avignone.

April 26, 2009

Devil Makes Three -- FREE INSTORE

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Devil Makes Three
Devil Makes Three Free In-store Performance
Wednesday, May 6th - 7pm

Imagine being a punk rock soul in a room full of acoustic instruments; all the passion, fury, and borderline need to explode and your palette consisting of dirty country, blues, jug band, and other rootsy music styles to get you through. Devil Makes Three has built an incredible following for their live show with exactly these elements. For 7 years they've been selling out shows all up and down the West Coast with their rousing, traveling porch party. Do Wrong Right is their 4th album and 1st in over 4 years and it finds them including pedal steel, fiddle, and slide guitar.

Some recent press:
"Acoustic guitar, Upright Bass, and Banjo weave with tightly-knit vocal harmonies in songs that'll have you tapping your foot and humming uncontrollably." - SF Bay Guardian

"Too restless to play the typical bluegrass venues and too musically sophisticated for your average bar band, Devil Makes Three are a rare breed: wild traditionalists." - Flavorpill

"...the Devil Makes Three bring a D.I.Y. aesthetic to ragtime, bluegrass, and classic folk music. Like the Violent Femmes, the Devil Makes Three can rock out with acoustic instruments yet remain engagingly melodic. Their slightly punky perspective on vintage Americana provides an irreverent tone, but there's no denying the affection this group has for its '20s and '30 inspirations."

Fill your ears with miles of myspace music files right here.

Click here to buy/sample Do Wrong Right.

April 25, 2009


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Black LipsBlack Lips Free In-store Performance
Saturday, May 2nd - 2:00pm

Throw off the shackles of adulthood with an afternoon acoustic set of garage-flavored punk rock with a Southern accent, a messed-up and bluesy undertow, and the gleefully destructive impact of a 15-year-old with a bag of firecrackers. While their live show is the stuff of legends, they've agreed to keep their clothes on, both figuratively and literally. It will be an acoustic set that is dialed back a bit on the theatrics so the focus is on their Sonics-soaked rock n' roll. The Lips have released albums on Bomp!, In The Red, and most recently, a couple on Vice Records.

Here are some of the press quotes about their most recent album, 200 Million Thousand:

"On Black Lips' fifth studio album 200 Million Thousand, their music finally catches up with their live-show notoriety. The surf-rock riffs are woozier, the girl-group melodies are brighter, and the in-the-red production channels extra psych-rock paranoia." - Entertainment Weekly

"Fortunately, buried beneath the Lips' psychedelic slop heap are surprisingly exacting pop hooks, clever musical experiments, and insidious grooves that belie the band's wastrel image." - Spin

You can check out a musical sampler plate at their myspace page.

The guest list is open now with no pre-order or reorder required. Call us to RSVP at 562) 433-4996.

April 24, 2009

RSD09 - Recap

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Record Store Day
Record Store Day 2009 Recap

Wow. RSD09 was incredible and we just wanted to thank all of you who came down, picked through the exclusives, watched some of the great live music, or just stopped in to say hello. It was such a fantastic day and we really appreciate all of you who enable us to keep doing this thing we do. For anyone who couldn't make it, here's a little run down of our day:

10:00am - We opened with lines at both doors

Crystal Antlers - RSDNoon - Crystal Antlers blew the roof off the place - absolutely stunning live show and much more rock and roll than our usual fare. We said "that's the loudest we've ever had it in here" they said "That's the quietest we've ever played." - ah, middle ground.

2:00pm - The guards showed up with the Bob Dylan advance. With only a distracted listen, I'm gonna say more ballads and less rockers, but his voice sounded good, and what I heard of the lyrics were strong. It's definitely one I'm looking forward to spending a little time with. We still have a handful of lithos left for anyone who places a pre-order this week.

Bird & The Bee - RSD5:30pm - The Bird and the Bee took the stage for a very high energy set of songs from Ray Guns Are Not Just the Future and a sneak preview of their upcoming Hall & Oates covers album. It was definitely a house-party.

Matt Costa - RSD7:00pm - Matt Costa took the stage for a 45 minute solo set of new songs and choice covers. He's a friend of the store and has been here before, but this was my favorite, so far. Simply awesome. Watch for his next album, he's in a great place right now.

After Matt, we worked our way into a slow wind-down to total collapse. It was a long day, but there is nothing better than watching so many of you head out with so many cool records (or CDs, or...)

Thanks again.

April 19, 2009

Great Northern -- FREE INSTORE

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Great Northern
Great Northern Free In-store Performance
Friday, April 24th - 7:00pm

On April 28th Great Northern will be releasing their 2nd album, Remind Me Where the Light Is, but we're gonna have them in a couple of days early to kick things off in style. You'll be able to pick up their new album immediately following the in-store, then they go back in the box until street date, so if you want to catch a sneak preview of the upcoming tour and grab an early copy of the record, this is the place for it. The guest list is now open (562.433.4996).

Here's a bit from their bio:
Great Northern released their atmospheric and melodic debut album, Trading Daylight for Twilight in 2007. With its catchy hooks, lush keys and breathy vocals, it was received warmly and created a solid buzz. Their new album Remind Me Where the Light Is, is the work of a more seasoned group, one that has been on the road for months, missed home, seen the world, and returned, not entirely prepared to sit still and write. It became very clear to them that they were going to do things a little differently this time. Great Northern take bigger chances on Remind Me Where the Light Is. Wishing to expand their sound, Bixler and Stolte began working with producer Michael Patterson (Beck, BRMC, and She wants Revenge, among others) and Nic Jodoin. The results being upbeat, guitar-driven songs, yet with the familiar layered vocals and sweeping, panoramic sound.

Filter Magazine said "...a beautiful collaboration of sound."

Los Angeles Magazine said "The Stevie Nicks-conjuring rock and roll songs couldn't be better."

We say, "get yourself on the guest list and see for yourself."

Myspace you little heart out right here.

Click here to pre-buy/sample Remind Me Where the Light Is.

April 16, 2009


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Record Store DayRecord Store Day
Saturday, April 18th - All Day

We are beyond excited about our Record Store Day line-up this Saturday. The guest list for the Crystal Antlers performance is open now, unfortunately Matt Costa and The Bird & The Bee are completely sold out. The Omar and Dylan listening parties are open to anyone who can fit. To be added to the Crystal Antlers list please call us asap so we can get you all set up. 562)433-4996. Also, just a word of advice, the Long Beach Gran Prix is this weekend, so if you're coming from the North stay on the 405 and exit 7th St to Park (turn Left).

Omar Rodriguez-LopezEl Nuevo Grupo de Omar Rodriguez-Lopez Listening Party - Friday, April 17th, 7:00pm
The ever prolific Omar Rodriguez-Lopez returns with yet another new album, Cryptomnesia, and this time the vinyl hits early (the CD is due 05/05/09) and we're going to have your first shot to hear it, and more importantly to buy it. We'll be winding up the turntable and playing Cryptomnesia, which features contributions from Zach Hill (Hella), Jonathan Hischke (Hella) , and Juan Alderete de la Pena (Mars Volta) on bass guitar. Additionally, the album features the vocals of Mars Volta frontman Cedric Bixler Zavala. Glory, glory it's gonna be sweet.

Crystal AntlersCrystal Antlers Crystal Antlers - Noon
Indie buzz doesn't get much louder than that being enjoyed by Long Beach's own Crystal Antlers. They have the prestige that comes with being the last band to release an album on Touch & Go, and if you're T&G, it's a great swan song; their sound is a blend of psyche, garage, and prog elements with a seemingly endless supply of energy. Crystal Antlers are currently on tour opening shows for The Cold War Kids. As an in-store, it's gonna be one for the books. Check their myspace here for some samples.

Bob DylanBob Dylan Bob Dylan Listening Party - 2:00pm
April 28th will see the release Bob Dylan's latest album Together Through Life. It will be Bob's 46th album and the early reviews indicate that it will continue the winning-streak he's been on for the past several years. We are extremely pleased to be able to premier this album with an early listen for Record Store Day. We will be offering a pre-order opportunity at this event which will get you a bonus limited edition lithograph. There is a deluxe CD/DVD, an album, and a regular CD version and all will qualify for the litho, while stock lasts. In honor of RSD Mr. Dylan has also created a very limited edition 7" single which will be available on RSD for $6.99. It features the songs "Dreamin' of You" and a live version of "Down Along the Cove".

The Bird & The Bee - 5:30 pm
This is another one that filled up early. Too bad too, since they've taken the idea of "taking over the stereo in the store" to heart and decided that their set will be a mix of songs from their new album, Ray Guns Are Not Just the Future, and songs from Hall & Oates Greatest Hits, which is apparently what they would pick if they were working here. How cool. Check their myspace here.

Matt Costa - 7:00pm
This one's sold out, but we did want to mention that Matt is working on a new record. Meanwhile, he's still sneaking a show in every once in a while (including a sold out HOB-Anaheim show on the 25h) but he's been very gracious about coming in to party with us once again. We're still waiting to hear if he's gonna be rolling solo or bringing friends, but the word is it's gonna be something special (you, know, more special than usual). Slipping him into the closing set is gonna be the perfect way to wrap up a day long celebration. Check out his myspace page here.

Get the big picture on Record Store Day here.

March 26, 2009

Greater California -- FREE INSTORE

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Greater CaliforniaGreater California - Free In-store Performance
Tuesday, April 7th - 7:00pm

We've been listening to rough mixes of this album since last year and it's not just our familiarity that has allowed these songs to get so far under our skin; these are great songs and the craft that went into their recording is abundantly apparent. It's a nice forward step for a band that was already on a path through gorgeous dreamy landscapes. Greater California is making pop songs that have the ability to transcend the popular; at once these songs seem comfortable and familiar yet they stay fresh enough to shake any lingering nostalgia.

We are extremely happy to have a street date appearance by this band who not only makes our short list of favorite local bands, but who just plain make our short list of bands we love. We are expecting a solid turnout for this show, so are opening the guest list for everyone who pre-orders a copy of All the Colors. Pre-ordering or purchasing at the event will also entitle you to an event poster designed by Terry Prine of the band.

Here is a little bit of the positive press these guys have received:

"subdued dreamy melodies and sleepy tempos...a lovely, serene, psychedelic interlude" - HARP

"lush, densely layered slices of pop that awaken the senses, an Andy Partridge wet dream" - Paste

"big, bounding Wurlitzer chords and swirls of Mellotron, Hammond, and Chamberlin; languid verses balanced with jangling guitars, a sonic signature that demonstrate the band's talent for songcraft." - Pitchfork

"pop detailed so beyond orchestral that it's better examined as architecture by a band full of top-notch songwriters whose most enduring challenge is only when to pronounce something perfect. Studied songs to sit beside Odesseys and Pet Sounds one day" - District Weekly

"full of sweet melodies and whispy, moody soundscapes, sort of how a jazz ensemble would sound if they took a lot of drugs, that just-woke-up, lying-in-bed feeling... this year's eerie soundtrack music for endless midnight drives to nowhere" - OC Weekly

You can sample a few songs at their Myspace page

Photo by C.Charles Bowden.

March 25, 2009

Dexter Romweber - FREE INSTORE

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Dex RomweberDex Romweber - Free In-store Performance
Saturday, April 4th - 4:00pm

Many of you will be familiar with Dexter Romweber from his days fronting The Flat Duo Jets, he's been called an "Icon of the American music underground" and has been cited by no less than Jack White as an "huge influence". The latest Dex Romweber Duo album, Ruins Of Berlin, features guest appearances by Chan Marshall (Cat Power), Excene Cervenka (X), Rick Miller (Southern Culture on the Skids) and Neko Case. Now days Dex is joined by his sister Sara in a duo that combines Psychobilly, punk, surf, and crushed-velvet lounge into a heady stew they lovingly call grease-soaked, primitive proto-rock. The comparisons include The Black Keys, Reverend Horton Heat, and the offspring of some unholy union between Brian Setzer and the Cramps.

A very relevant quote:
"Dexter Romweber was and is a huge influence on my music. I owned all of his records as a teenager, and was thrilled at the fact that we were able to play together recently on tour. His attitude towards music is remarkable. And his songwriting, along with his love of classic American music from the south, be it rockabilly, country or R&B, is one of the best kept secrets of the rock n roll underground." - Jack White (White Stripes/Raconteurs/Dead Weather)

Click around a bit and see just how different this is likely to be:
Dex Romweber Duo EPK
Dex Romweber Duo Live from an unknown show

Click here to buy/sample Ruins Of Berlin

March 22, 2009

Anya Marina -- FREE INSTORE

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Anya MarinaAnya Marina - Free In-store Performance - RESCHEDULED!
Sunday, March 29th - 4:00pm

We were all very sad to hear it when Anya had to postpone her in-store last month due to a death in the family, but being a trooper she's gotten back to touring and she remembered our pending date. That rarely happens and it's a real class act move, so take our previous enthusiasm for her appearance and bump it up a couple of notches, we're now (more) extremely excited to announce this rescheduled appearance.

Here's what we wrote a few weeks ago, but since then Anya has appeared on Jimmy Kimmel show and the love she's received from KCRW has grown exponentially. Trust me, this will be a good one.

Anya Marina has worked her way through the arts, and arts related, industries - beginning with an acting slot in the film 100 Girls, a stint DJing at San Diego's KBZT, and now she's a fully-formed recording artist. While she seems to have done well at all of these, in fact she still does the morning show on KBZT, it's her singing that's knocked us for a loop. Imagine the sunny pop of the Cardigans paired with the clever wordplay of a young Liz Phair, and all of it with a bit of the innocence of a summer camp talent show. It's bouncy, clever (at times a bit quirky) but mostly it's fun pop with an unexpected edge. Her new release, Slow & Steady Seduction: Phase II, is out now, and we are extremely happy to have her stopping in to help us kick off our 2009 live music series. Since Anya is a new artist, we're going to jump right to the open guest list, so if you'd like to join us, please give us a call (562.433.4996) and we'll get you set up.

We have streaming audio of Anya's song "Move You", which we're pleased to pass along to you. Click here for the Real Audio version, and here for the Windows version.

Click here to buy Slow & Steady Seduction: Phase II.

Decemberists Listening Party

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DecemberistsDecemberists Listening Party
Tuesday, March 24th - 7:00pm

Get ready to be knocked over, the new album from Colin Meloy and company is just about here. This Tuesday will see the release of The Decemberists second Capitol Records album, Hazards of Love. If you're unfamiliar with their sound, it lands at the five-point crossroads of Classical Literature, pastoral English Folk music, Neutral Milk Hotel, quirky Robin Hitchcock imagery, and some intangible undercurrent of Morrissey and The Smiths. It's smart, incredibly well-crafted, and uniquely positioned to look both forwards and back. The new album finds Meloy once again on a flight of fancy, creating a near drama surrounding a Woman ravaged by a shape-shifting manimal (trust me, that's the very short version). Characters in the drama are featured as guest vocalists and they include Becky Stark (Lavender Diamond), Shara Worden (My Brightest Diamond), Jim James (My Morning Jacket), Robyn Hitchcock, and Rebecca Gates (Spinanes). It sounds like a confused mess, but under the caring hands of The Decemberists, it manages to transcend it all and just take you away.

We will be bringing in some snacks and turning it up for a street-date listening party this coming Tuesday, March 24th. Please join us at 7:00pm, and let us know you'll be coming so we can order enough pizzas.
(562) 433-4996

Click to pre-buy The Hazards of Love (out 3/24)

March 09, 2009

Young Dubliners -- FREE INSTORE

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Young DublinersYoung Dubliners Free In-store Performance
Sunday, March 15th - 4:00pm

How badly do I wish we could serve beer at these things? Almost as badly as you wish we could, because seeing a band like the Young Dubliners without a pint in your hand almost seems sacriligous; but beer or no, seeing this band in such an intimate setting a mere two days prior to St. Patty’s Day is almost enough to make you believe in the luck of the non-Irish. If you aren’t familiar with the Young Dubs, imagine an Irish pub, filled with beautiful redheaded folks (whichever variety makes your boat float), and music that embodies the term Irish-Rock. Much more rooted in tradition than the epic sweeps of those other Irish lads that have a new album coming. They list their influences as: The Waterboys, Big Country, Del Amitri, U2, Oasis, Radiohead, The Police, The Pogues, Foo Fighters, Dave Matthews Band, Hothouse Flowers and describe themselves as (If)”The Chieftans and Dave Matthews Band had a love child, who then fooled around with the Foofighters…”

Listening to the album, I’d translate that as trad-Irish music, with a rock and roll heart, and a wicked sense of a good time.

Throw on a little Green and Orange and join us for this house-party. The guest list opens Wednesday for anyone who picks up a copy of the new album, Saints And Sinners. Purchasing between now and the in-store will also get you poster you can have signed at the event and priority entry. The first come, first served line will open closer to the event, space permitting.

Check their myspace page here.

Click here to buy/sample Saints and Sinners

March 02, 2009

Rootbeer -- FREE INSTORE

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RootbeerRootbeer Free In-store Performance
Tuesday, March 10th - 7:00pm

I've said it before, but it bears repeating, the reason we don't do more hip-hop shows is that we just don't get that many offers that make much sense; happily, Pigeon John seems to like us and he makes perfect sense. The last time he was here he blew the roof off, and now that he's working with Flynn Adam, who was also a member of the L.A. Symphony crew he's coming back for a rematch. With Rootbeer, they've opened some new doors with a sound that can best be pigeonholed (sorry) as being a bit like MGMT injected with some N.E.R.D and A Tribe Called Quest.

As is clearly evident in their lyrics and style, these guys are unapologetic purveyors of popular culture. Rather than making an escape attempt on this debut to something that was some subtle artistic departure from the Lost Angels-flavored West Coast underground laid back rap that raised them, the duo has grown more apt to fully open their arms and embrace a vast array of what is relative to their own contemporary culture consumption today. With an even more upped-tempo vocal cadence dancing on top of beatscapes that awaken even the hippest of skeptics, the music will make you jump up like a chimpanzee. An unbelievably charismatic live show, mixed with the most infectious hooks you've wrapped your ears around in quite some time, Rootbeer slaps a smile on your face that you simply can't contain.

You can check out a couple of sample tracks on their myspace page.

Their first release is Pink Limousine and it's a very reasonably priced 5-track ep, which will come with an event poster, if you pre-order or buy a copy at the in-store. The guest list is now open to everyone who pre-orders the new ep. If there is still room, we'll open the first come, first served list a bit before the day of the event, but for $7.99 we're hoping you'll jump onto the pre-order list.

Thanks to Lassana Toure for the photo.

Click here to buy Pink Limousine

February 24, 2009

Guggenheim Grotto -- FREE INSTORE

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Guggenheim GrottoGuggenheim Grotto Free In-store Performance
Monday, March 2nd - 7:00pm

Way back in 2006 we got a call from Trini, who writes for the music blog You Crazy Dreamers and lives down the street, and she was asking about having one of her favorite bands in for an in-store; long story short, this was our introduction to the fine Irish band, The Guggenheim Grotto. The in-store was incredibly special and, because of it, we've kept an eye on these guys. Over the past couple of years their star seems to have been on the rise, they've had songs feature prominently on KCRW and WXPN, they've also had songs featured on the TV shows Brothers and Sisters and One Tree Hill, and Stereo Subversion said "...if you are a fan of great harmonies, melodic arrangements, and intelligent folk rock sound then this album belongs in your collection (9/10)."

We are over the moon that the guys have made a little room for us in their US tour schedule and hope that we can deliver them a full house, so give a click to those links down there and see if you can make it work to join us.

The guest list is open now and there is no pre-order required, just the RSVP.

Click here for a visual listen, and click here for an audio sample via their website or here for their myspace page.

Click here to buy/sample Happy the Man

February 16, 2009


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Everest PosterEverest Free Instore Performance
Sunday, February 22nd - 2:00pm
** Note New Time **

Looking at their collective resumes it's tough to imagine that Everest haven't been buried in fawning press; you see Everest features current and past members of the bands Earlimart, Sebadoh, Alaska!, The Watson Twins, Great Northern, and Stanford Prison Experiment, and that leaves a lot of room for comparisons, and more importantly, high expectations. Happily, they live up to the expectations, and most of the story lately has been focused on how generously they've rewarded fans of Neil Young, Wilco, and Death Cab For Cutie who arrived early enough for their opening set on the recent US tour they did together. In fact, several reviewers commented that Everest absolutely delivered as the new face of American rock and roll. Well, since we can't get it dark or smokey enough in here for a real rock show, we've talked the guys into stripping it back and showing us their softer side. It didn't take much convincing, you see as great as they are drowned in sound, this is a band that shines when they're quiet, almost as brightly as when they're full out blazing - you can see a video of a couple stripped down tracks here (they are about halfway down the page).

There are other videos on their myspace, including a version of "Rockin' the Free World" with Neil and the boys in Wilco that will make you even more disappointed that their tour-stop at the Forum got canceled.

The guest list for this one is now open.

Click here to buy/sample Ghost Notes.

The Watson Twins -- Live at Fingerprints In-store CD Release

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Watson TwinsThe Watson Twins - Live At Fingerprints In-Store CD Release

Those who were here for The Watson Twins' street-week kick off for their album Fire Songs will well remember the magic that swirled around the room when Chandra and Leigh Watson stepped up to the mic for their Fingerprints in-store... well, set the wayback machine for "relive" and get yourself ready because our favorite singing sisters have given us four thumbs up on our recording and it's coming out on February 17th. The Live at Fingerprints release is the complete set, including their otherworldly cover of The Cure's "Just Like Heaven" and the previously unreleased "Rebel Soldier"; it's six tracks in all and it's out now. (Special thanks to Katherine Gehl Donovan Photography for the pic from our little stage.)

February 13, 2009

Loney, Dear -- FREE INSTORE

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Loney, DearLoney, Dear Free In-store Performance
Just Added - opening set by Charlie Wadhams
Monday, February 16th - 7:00pm

In our never-ending quest to improve on things that are already great, we've added a short "pleased to meet you" set by Charlie Wadhams to this evening with Loney, Dear. There will be virtually no noticeable set-change in this evening's juggernaut of up-tempo pop music, so arrive at 7:00 and catch your full limit.

Loney, Dear are a Swedish band that creates finely- tuned classic pop songs with their head in cinematic pop music and their feet in the old folk stream. The band started with Emil Svanangen in a bedroom studio and evolved into a touring band on the stages of the world. Recommended for fans of well crafted pop music, think: Belle & Sebastian and Pelle Carlberg. Check their Myspace and make a big circle around the date on your calendar. They are currently on tour with Andrew Bird and will be playing locally at the Orpheum Theatre.

"Dear John is Loney, Dear's best album-length work although it took awhile to realize it. Track after track offers its own redemption for life's inner struggles. With each replay, these little bangs are born anew and the Loney, Dear universe expands just a teensy-weensy bit more. Emil Svanangen sings falsetto of lives worth living, even if his subjects sometimes don't believe it."    - pitchfork

According to his label, Charlie Wadhams is the 2nd tallest man on Earth and he makes music that will make you feel nostalgic for skiffle-crooning like you've never heard before (note: only one of the preceding statements is verifiable.) Charlie has toured with Bird & The Bee, Jonathan Richman, and David Lindley and he wrote several of the songs on the soundtrack to Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox story. Go to for a sample.

** The guest list is now open **

Click here to buy/sample Dear John

February 12, 2009


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Thursday Listening Party and Signing
Friday, February 13th - 7:00pm

Tuesday, February 17 will see the release of Thursday's latest release Common Existence and to celebrate we will be bringing the band in for an intimate listening party and signing. Immediately following this kickoff the guys will be heading out to headline the Rockstar Taste of Chaos tour.

Common Existence finds Thursday again working with Dave Fridmann (who's worked with the Flaming Lips, Mercury Rev, Mogwai, and numerous others) and adding elements of Indie rock and classic new wave to their signature post-hardcore sound. We will have a very cool limited edition art print by Rob Dobi, that will look perfect signed and hanging above your dresser, and it's free to everyone who pre-orders Common Existence at this event. For the uninitiated, Thursday has toured with Brand New, Thrice, Underoath, and Taking Back Sunday and they are one of the first bands to meld the passion of emo/screamo and the musicality of the post-hardcore movement.

You can get a taste of their new songs at their Myspace page.

Due to time constraints, there will be limited space available at this event and you must RSVP to attend. RSVP at 562)433-4996.

Click here for more info on Common Existence

February 11, 2009

Anya Marina -- FREE INSTORE

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Anya Marina CanceledAnya Marina Free In-Store Performance ** CANCELED **
Wednesday, February 11th - 7:00pm

We've got some unfortunate news about tonight's in-store; we got a call from Anya Marina's management telling us she's had a death in her inner circle, so she's having to cancel a few shows to be with friends and family. Please join us in sending good thoughts her way and keep an eye out for a rescheduled date, possibly in late March. She's also had to cancel this week's shows at The Hotel Café & M Theory in San Diego.

If you were planning to join us tonight, we'd still love to see you, and we'll be playing Anya's album from 7:00 – 8:00, but if you were struggling to make it work, we figured you'd want to know.

Click here to buy Slow & Steady Seduction: Phase II.

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January 14, 2009


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AsaAsa Free In-store Performance
Wednesday, January 28th - 7:00pm

Every once in a while we get a frantic call trying to squeeze in a last minute in-store and we usually have to say no, because even though we manage to make them look easy (nudge, wink), there is a lot of work involved in setting up a good in-store. Well, this morning the phone rang asking about an artist I'd never heard before (let's call that strike two), but after a promise to check out Asa's myspace page, well... here I am writing furiously trying to talk you into making a little room in your schedule next week for this exciting new artist. Asa (pronounced Asha) makes music with a decidedly worldly air; based solely on first impressions, I'm going to say she walks with the ghosts of Bob Marley, Fela Kuti, Marvin Gaye, and to a lesser degree, Nina Simone - you will also likely hear a bit of the urban grit of a young Tracy Chapman in her stripped down, acoustic songs. Click over to her Myspace page and listen to the tracks "Fire on the Mountain" and "Jailer" to see what I'm talking about. Asa played a sold-out show at Joe's Pub in New York last night, she will be playing a live set on KCRW Friday morning, followed by a show at The Hotel Café on the 26th, then our in-store on the 28th, and then off to play L'Olympia in Paris. It is our goal to not load you down with too many of these last minute notices, but Asa seems far too good to pass up, hopefully you'll agree and we'll see you here. The guest list is open now, with no purchase required (but you're gonna want one.)

January 06, 2009

Animal Collective Listening Party

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Animal CollectiveAnimal Collective Listening Party
Tuesday, January 6th - 7:00pm

Today marks the anticipated release of Animal Collective's vinyl version of Merriweather Post Pavilion, which will be followed on CD January 20th. The vinyl is a two-record, 180-gram thing of great beauty, and it's sold out everywhere but here. It comes packaged in a stunning optical illusion gatefold cover and it includes a full album download card. If your collection won't be complete without one, be sure to get here early. We don't expect them to last the night. We also have large posters of the cover image free for anyone who pre-orders the CD (while they last). The listening party will include an enter-to-win contest with prizes including several pairs of tickets to their sold-out LA show at the Fonda Theater/Music Box, plus some vintage show posters, and select catalogue releases.

Merriweather Post Pavilion is the ninth full-length album from Animal Collective, recorded with Ben Allen in Oxford, Mississippi. Animal Collective have made a record that makes the same beautiful sense on headphones by day, or soundtracking the small hours of the morning, or, you suspect, stretched out in a field on your back. Whether a state of mind, or a rest stop somewhere along the way, Merriweather Post Pavilion magnificently redefines your sense of direction.

Click here to buy Merriweather Post Pavilion.

November 14, 2008

Dave Alvin -- FREE INSTORE

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Dave AlvinDave Alvin Free In-store Performance
Wednesday, December 3rd - 7:00pm

If you've been listening, you'll recall that every time I get the chance, I talk about how great it was the last time Dave stopped in to play a set for us. I'm sure I've stuck with my assertion that it was one of the best in-stores we've ever had, and I'll say it again; if I only had 3 quarters to put in the "I wanna hear it again" jukebox, at least one of them would be spent listening to Dave's in-store.

Grammy award winning singer/songwriter/bar-room guitar player Dave Alvin has been a constant force in traditional American roots music, both electric and acoustic, for over 25 years. From his earliest days with roots pioneers The Blasters through his stints with punk rock/folkies X and The Knitters through his various solo releases, Dave has mixed blues, folk, rockabilly, rhythm and blues, country, surf, cajun and even doo wop into his own unique brand of American Music. His songs have been recorded by Los Lobos, Buckwheat Zydeco, Robert Earl Kean, Dwight Yoakam, Kelly Willis, James McMurtry, Joe Ely and Little Milton to name a few, and have been heard in tv shows like The Sopranos. Most recently, he's released The Best of the Hightone Years, an overview of his early solo releases and including 3 unreleased tracks.

Dave will be stopping in for his second Fingerprints in-store and we're opening the pre-order guest list Either give us a ring or stop in and pick up The Best of the Hightone Years, or any other Dave Alvin release and we'll throw your name onto our guest list. If you want to wait it out, we'll open the first come, first served (didn't want to buy an album) list a day or two before show-time.

Dave says, "There are two types of folk music: quiet folk music and loud folk music. I play both." We're not sure which of these two he'll be delivering when he plays the store, but the part left out is that he kicks serious ass at both.

Check his Myspace page here, or click here to download a couple of NPR features.

Click here to sample/buy The Best of the Hightone Years

November 05, 2008

Jam Session With Rivers!

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Rivers Jam SessionJam Session With Rivers!
Tuesday November 25th - 7:00pm

There will be no entry without RSVP **

Fingerprints is ecstatic to announce an album release event straight from the imagination of Rivers Cuomo. It's a bit different for us, so read all the way through, including the details at the bottom about how you can join us for this once-in-a-lifetime event.

Rivers talked about the event in a recent interview with Pitchfork... here's how he explained what will be happening on our humble little stage on Tuesday, November 25th:

"I am doing a really cool event to promote Alone II on the day of release. It's basically another Hootenanny, but it's a little different. Anyone can be a part of it, you don't have to bring an instrument. But if you do bring an instrument, you will be part of the team that gets to pick the songs we play. It can be any song, in some cases, it might just be one person who says, like, "Oh! Let's play this obscure B-side!", and he may be the only person in the room who knows it, besides me, and then it will just be me and that person giving a concert to the rest of the room. And then the next song, there might be 20 people who know it. So that will be a very dynamic event and very fun for me. And I won't have to bring a guitar [laughs]."
     - Rivers Cuomo

We will be opening the guest list at 11:00am on Thursday, November 6th. The list will be open to people who pre-order Rivers' new album, Alone II: The Home Recordings of Rivers Cuomo, with a limit of two spots per person. We are looking for both musicians and non-musicians and will be managing the list to make sure we have enough of both, please don't buffalo us by saying you'll play if you won't. Space will be more limited than usual, as we're leaving a bit of extra room to move around with instruments.

** Please note that we will be accepting RSVP pre-orders for this performance via phone and in-person, but purchasing through the website will not get you in to see the performance.

Click here for tracks/more info on Alone II (due out 11/25)

October 21, 2008

Lisa Hannigan -- FREE INSTORE

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Lisa HanniganLisa Hannigan Free In-store Performance
Saturday, November 1st – Noon

While she's best known for the years she's spent sharing a stage and a studio with Damien Rice, for the past several years Lisa has been branching out by guesting on albums by The Frames and Herbie Hancock as well as contributing to a couple of different benefit albums (the Irish comps Ceol 06 and Cake Sale, where she shared vocal duties with Gary Lightbody of Snow Patrol). Now, Lisa's finished her debut solo album and she's brought a few of her old friends along with her, namely Tomo, Shane, and Vyvienne from Damien's band and several others from the Dublin music scene, including Lucy Wilkins who's played with Brian Ferry and Roxy Music, songwriters Donagh Molloy and Gavin Glass and Cathy Davey, who's worked with Elbow and the Sneaker Pimps.

She's currently on tour opening for Jason Mraz (the local date is at the Greek later the same night as the in-store) and at some point her debut will be worldwide, but so far Sea Sew is not available anywhere except her shows and through her website, so aside from being excited to host Lisa's first in-store, we're also very happy to say we'll be the first store in the country to have this incredible album.

We've opened the guest list to all who pre-order Sea Sew and the early interest has been good so please stop in or call us to place your order, as we haven't gotten all the info to get it loaded to our website yet. If there is still space available, we will be opening the guest list, first come, first served on October 31st, but if you want to be sure to join us, pre-ordering is the way to go. Due to Lisa's show at the Greek later the same night, we will be trying as hard as possible to have this start at noon, so please plan accordingly.

You can hear some of Lisa's songs at her site or on her myspace page and you can watch the homemade video to the very playful demo of "My Pirate Disco" with a simple click on those blue words.

October 20, 2008

The Kooks & The Whigs - FREE INSTORE

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Kooks/Whigs PosterThe Kooks & The Whigs Free Acoustic In-store Performances
Sunday, October 26th - **SOLD OUT**

We can't think of anyone better than bands called the Kooks and the Whigs to spend Halloween weekend with, I mean really, could it be more perfect? The last time the Kooks came to town they sold out the Troubadour in minutes, this time they are playing their full band, electric shows at both The Palladium and the OC HOB (you can see all of the tour dates at The Kooks' myspace page.)

We've gotten them both to agree to stop in for an acoustic set, since they're touring together, this will be a great way to get a taste of one of this season's hottest tours. Since we're thinking some of you might have one of these records already, we're just gonna open the list, first come - first served, to everyone in our Live Music Club. **SORRY, THIS IS SOLD OUT**

You can sample a few of The Kooks' songs at their myspace page. Same deal if you want to sample The Whigs.

Click here to buy/sample The Kooks' Konk and The Whigs' Mission Control.

Brett Dennen -- FREE INSTORE

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Brett Dennen PosterBrett Dennen Free In-store Performance
Friday, October 24th - 7:00pm

The last time Brett played here it was our biggest turnout for a lunchtime event ever; and now we've got him back for another appearance, at the much more friendly 7:00pm on a Friday evening. Translation: This will be a capacity show. The list is definitely filling up, if you want to be sure to get in you should grab a copy of Brett's excellent new CD Hope for the Hopeless and guarantee yourself a spot. The word is that Brett will be playing a bit longer than a regular in-store, so it's gonna be good. Also, just so you know, we will be recording this show for future release (so if everything goes as planned, you'll be able to say "I was there" when you hear it in your friend's car).

You can sample a few songs at Brett's Myspace page.

Click to buy Hope for the Hopeless.

October 05, 2008

Daniel Martin Moore -- FREE INSTORE

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Daniel Martin MooreDaniel Martin Moore Free In-store Performance
Sunday, October 19th - 4:00pm

Daniel hails from the thriving metropolis of Cold Spring, Kentucky and he makes gorgeously sparse, acoustic indie folk music that is sure to appeal to fans Jose Gonzalez, Nick Drake, Elliott Smith, and Iron & Wine. Daniel's story is the indie rock equivalent of feel-good sports films like Rudy; he sent an unsolicited (read: unlikely to get listened to any time soon) demo to the Sub Pop offices, and after months of dusting off his phone, he moved to Costa Rica to work at a bed & breakfast. In the meantime, Sub Pop got through a couple of their tubs of mail, and started looking for this great new artist they'd found. Fast-forward about a year and Daniel now has his debut album finished (it's out this week), with a little help from Joe Chicarelli (who produced the Shins, U2, and The White Stripes) and a handful of new friends, including Jesca Hoop and Petra Haden.

By way of introduction, Sub Pop says, " simply as Daniel Martin Moore thinks of Stray Age, it's rich with understated complexities that take you to places that people like Nick Drake and Neil Halstead have been cited as doing. There's a soft swing in the vocals reminiscent of Chet Baker. But the one thing with Moore, that we like to think of as separating him from the pack, is he's looking forward. He wants to go places, he wants you to come with him, and we're finding him right in that moment." Here's a little downloadable Daniel Martin Moore that you can carry with you, until you get in to pick up your copy.

The first 40 people to pick up a copy of Stray Age will also get a bonus CDR featuring four songs currently unavailable anywhere else.

You should set your clicker for his myspace page and keep hitting play until you realize that missing this in-store would be a mistake, then call us and we'll add you to the guest list, no purchase required (though one is certainly encouraged).

Click here to buy Stray Age

September 22, 2008

Greg Laswell - Blue Cafe & Live at Fingerprints

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Greg LaswellGreg Laswell - Blue Cafe & Live at Fingerprints

Hopefully you were lucky enough to catch Greg Laswell's record release in-store last July, it was fantastic; if you weren't able to join us, we have a double dose of good news; first Greg is playing a special Schooled in Song/University by the Sea Festival kick-off show Saturday night at the Blue Cafe, with an appearance by local faves One F. Second, not only do we have advance tickets available at the store, but the first 200 people who buy a ticket (either at the store or at the door) will get a free copy of a handful of tracks from Greg's July in-store. Advance tickets are $10 and at the door they're $12, so we shouldn't have to tell you where the smart money is going to be. If you can't make it to the show, we will also be offering the Live at Fingerprints disc free with the purchase of either Three Flights from Alto Nido or Through Toledo. Good stuff and only available while they last.

September 17, 2008

Schooled in Song -- FREE BENEFIT CONCERT

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Schooled In SongSchooled in Song -
Free Benefit Concert
for Long Beach
Music Programing
Sunday, October 5th - 10am-10pm

You may remember last year when we presented Schooled in Song at the Carpenter Center. It was an evening of fantastic music created by a veritable who's who of Long Beach musicians and the proceeds went to funding after-school music programing. Well, this year the Schooled in Song gang has joined forces with the folks putting on University by the Sea for a full day of art, education, lectures, and killer live music. Due to a few generous donors the event is free, fun for the whole family and, once again, it's on track to raise some much needed funding for school music programs and scholarships for area songwriters and musicians.

The live music is coming courtesy of Grand Ole Party, Dengue Fever, Crystal Antlers, Dusty Rhodes and the River Band, Pawn Shop Kings, The New Fidelity, Molly Jensen, Blank Blue, Brett Bixby, Shave, The Year Zero, Chris Hanlin, Jay Buchanan, forcefieldon, Deccatree, Jameson, Leldon, Greater California, Loie Fuller, Marliese, CPO, One F, George Fryer Combo, and others still to be announced. It's a pretty great line-up for a free event with way more artists than we can include here, so check the myspace page for the full list, and put a big circle around October 5th and plan on spending at least part of the day at the corner of First St & Linden in Downtown Long Beach.

September 16, 2008

People Under the Stairs -- FREE INSTORE

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People Under The Stairs
People Under the Stairs In-store Performance
Friday, October 3rd - 5:00pm (yes, we're sure)

The word seems to be spreading, so if you'd like to catch one of the hottest underground hip-hop acts out there, this is your opportunity. We don't do too many hip-hop in-stores, because quite frankly there aren't that many hip-hop artists who want to come in that we have any interest in having play for you. Sure, call us gatekeepers if you must, we prefer to think of ourselves as bodyguards, keeping your life free of bad hip-hop. People Under the Stairs are a whole different ball of wax, they mix jazzy samples, danceable beats, intricate rhyming skills, and laid-back humor that recalls hip-hop heavyweights like De La Soul, J-5, Ugly Ducklings, and Ming & FS. Their new release, the cleverly titled Fun DMC came out this week (9/30) and we're opening up the guest list to music Club Members who buy a copy. We'll also include a free event poster so you can gussie up your place with some signed schwag.

You can check some of their songs on their myspace page.

We wouldn't ask you down for no bogus beats, this will be the real deal. Please join us if you can.

Click to sample/buy Fun DMC

September 09, 2008

Cabritos de la Guerra Fría -- FREE INSTORE

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Cold War KidsCabritos de la Guerra - Fría Libre Desempeño en la Tienda
de Sept. el 23 - 7:00pm

We've been hinting around about a couple of big in-stores and well... It's time to announce Numero Uno: On September 23rd Downtown Records will release Loyalty to Loyalty, the second full-length by the only band in Long Beach that could make just about anything else you might have planned into a difficult choice - The Cold War Kids. That's right, the little band that could is coming in for their second album kick off with an acoustic performance right here on our humblest of humble little stages. We'll be opening the guest list to everyone who's in our live music club (and if you're reading this, you're in the club) with those who pre-order the album getting first shot at the spots. The pre-order starts/guest list opens on Thursday, Sept 11th at 10:00am for folks who come down and 11:00am for those who want to let your fingers do the walking (that's old-school for using the phone, our number is down at the bottom.) There are three versions available, a regular edition, an LP, and a deluxe including a bonus DVD. We will not be accepting online orders for the show, but since all the pre-orders will include an event poster, we will include one with online orders, while they last.

You can hear a couple of versions of the new single "Something Is Not Right With Me" at their myspace page.

You can also catch the boys recording an Outdoor Stage performance on Jimmy Kimmel on the 19th, at the San Diego Street Scene on the 20th, and in their full-set, big show at the Henry Fonda on the 24th. We very well may be at all of them within an hours drive, hopefully we'll see you there (and here).

August 26, 2008

Love You Moon -- FREE INSTORE

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Love You MoonLove You Moon Free In-store Performance
Wednesday, Sept. 10th

Love You Moon is the acoustic-oriented side project of Matt Embree of RX Bandits and The Sound of Animals Fighting, his influences for this project fit nicely into our favorite artists list; Bob Dylan, Nina Simone, and Elliott Smith. RX Bandits are known for rock with strong socio-political lyrics, and while Love You Moon trade the signature keys, horns, and electrics for an acoustic guitar, they keep the political thread running strong, while managing to hold on to the energy that's made RX Bandits such a compelling live band.

Love you Moon's debut release, Waxwane is due out on Sept 9th and the guest list is now open to Live Music Club folks who pre-order a copy. Any remaining spots still available on 9/07 will open up first come first served. If you want to guarantee your place at this event, pre-ordering Waxwane is the only way to pull it off. Pre-order price is $11.99 and it includes one of our free event posters. Drop by the store or give us a call (562.433.4996) to pre-order.

Matt Embree playing "Why Pop Stars Sell Silicon" acoustic and playing "Masters of War" live.

Some recent press:
"Waxwane features 10 songs that span a variety of styles and paces, ranging from Embree's patented upbeat socio-political diatribes ("Screams In A Vacuum" and "The Last Words Of Nicholas Berg"), to more unexpected Billy Joel-esque jams ("David's Birthday") and Elliott Smith-inspired poetry ("Brown Shingle Berkeley")...4/5 stars"
     - Alternative Press

"Combining influences from multiple genres, including acoustic, folk, and sometimes jazz, Love You Moon has put Waxwane together beautifully, and has produced an album to rival the best releases of 2008 to date."

"It takes a special kind of person to single handedly spark a thunderous clapping session in a dark room full of too cool twenty-somethings. But by the end of Love You Moon's acoustic set at Koo's Art Center in Long Beach, any worries of judgment or anxiety had been sucked out of the front doors of the paint slathered gallery to freeze in the midnight air. Huddled together in the darkness, unity and power spread like a fever in the crowd."
     - OC Weekly

Click here to buy Waxwane

August 25, 2008

Birdmonster -- FREE INSTORE

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Birdmonster PosterBirdmonster Free In-store Performance
Monday, September 1st - 7:00pm

(Free for Live Music Club Members - Guest list open now)

Every few minutes it seems like another band catches on blog-fire, most of them flash like a flare and burn out quickly, but the really good ones just keep on going. Birdmonster is just such a band. Their sound combines a new wave jangle with an early Greenwich Village folk meets very cool back-porch instrumentation; banjo, melodica, and cello sitting nicely alongside a Fender Rhodes and the usual blog-fire band instrumentation. This time out, the organic side takes the driver's seat and makes for the much richer, resonant, and more mature sound of a band finding their own voice.

The guys have slipped us an mp3 of the track "Born To Be Your Man", which is one of my favorites.

Check their myspace page for a few of their other/older tracks. You can also click on over to youtube for a nice version of "Only One" recorded in the studios of "The Current" from Minnesota Public Radio.

Click to preorder From The Mountain To The Sea (out 9/2)

Neil Halstead -- FREE INSTORE

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Neil Halstead PosterNeil Halstead Free In-store Performance
Saturday, August 30th - 5:00pm

(Free for Live Music Club members)

Through his work with Mojave 3, Slowdive, and as a solo artist, Neil has secured himself not only a spot by our campfire, but also a fair amount of space on our CD shelves. With Oh! Mighty Engine Neil continues his musical evolution, where once there was a wall of sound, Neil has distilled his music down to its essence. Choosing a nylon stringed guitar and simple shakers for accompaniment, Neil is relying on his voice and his collection of highly personal songs to get his message across. He makes his point, quiet and clear. Do to expected high demand, we are opening the guest list to those who order Oh! Mighty Engine, until we open it to all who'd like to attend (at a much later date). If you want to be sure to see this world-class artist on our small stage buying it now is the only way to guarantee yourself a spot. ** Please note the 4:00 time listed on Neil's site is incorrect; the event begins at 5:00pm. **

Here is some press about Neil's previous solo album, Sleeping on Roads:

"The same drifting mood is maintained from start to finish, all nine songs being gently eclectic acoustic musings with occasional electronic decorations."
     - Mojo

"A gentle tremble of an album."
     - Nude as the News

Listen to a couple of Neil's new songs, plus a couple from Sleeping on Roads on Neil's myspace page.

If you'd like a little of Neil's music to carry around on your journeys, click here for a free mp3 of "Paint a Face", from the new album.

Click here to buy Oh! Mighty Engine.

July 25, 2008

Delta Spirit -- FREE INSTORE

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Delta Spirit PosterDelta Spirit Free In-store Performance
Tuesday, August 26th 7:00pm

(Free for Live Music Club members)
Guest list now open without purchase required

We hate to judge a band by the company they keep, but surely it’s as indicative of where they’re coming from as a box of “they sound likes”; a quick look at Delta Spirit’s myspace shows a top line made up of a lot of Fingerprints in-store alumni – Cold War Kids, Port O’Brien, Richard Swift, & Dr, Dog. Aside from a turn on our stage, and a top line friendship on Delta Spirit’s myspace page, these bands all share an all too rare ability to put a fresh face on classic influenced rock & roll. All of their music has a current, yet somehow timeless, quality. Whether full out rocking or quietly introspective, this is a list of innovative young bands making incredibly vital music and Delta Spirit is absolutely among peers.

Musically, Delta Spirit is appropriately named. They combine a spirit that recalls Britain’s Northern Soul movement with a very American, rural charismatic, roots rock sound and a spirituality that will satisfy your deepest need for real revival tent rockin’ and rollin’. Please note: there will be no snake passing at this event, it’s not that kind of thing.

Some recent press:
"Delta Spirit should be required listening." (#9 on Top 15 of 2007)
     - Daytrotter
(Check out a live Delta Spirit session here.)

"A hybrid of Americana rock and Northern Soul with boundless energy."      -

Delta Spirit’s Myspace page is loaded up with more samples, check them out here.

Or, if you’re more of the visual type, you can watch a video right here.

Click to pre-buy/sample Ode to Sunshine (due 8/26)

July 24, 2008

The Airborne Toxic Event -- FREE INSTORE

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The Airborne Toxic EventThe Airborne Toxic Event Free In-store Performance
Tuesday, August 5th - 7:00pm

The Airborne Toxic Event is many things, but none more than they are an anomaly; a band that came together organically, recorded a few songs, played a few shows, built a huge audience over a couple of weeks time, then grabbed the attention of both KROQ and Indie 103.1 within the span of a couple of days - it's a story that repeats in the hearts and minds of every kid stepping off a cross country bus at the downtown Greyhound station, yet rarely ever happens beyond those Midwestern hearts and minds. Those who stay up all night making comparisons have mumbled a virtual who's who of cool bands, including Modest Mouse, Arcade Fire, The Clash, and U2. I hear a little Psychedelic Furs and the Killers, either way it's grand in scope, literary in the right places (their name comes from a Don DeLillo book), and white hot at the moment. Their self-titled debut is one of the hottest new releases of the year and they've agreed to drop in to play a very special, stripped down, street-date release party with us. It's going to be cool and it's going to fill up quickly. RSVP is free, but limited.

RSVP ASAP, or end up SOL. (562)433-4996
Please note: You must come by the store or call to RSVP for this event. We cannot take responses via email or web.

The Airborne Toxic Event comes out on August 5th. Purchases made at the in-store will receive a free custom in-store event poster that can be signed at the event.

Sample your little heart out at their myspace page.

Some recent press:
"In a just and fair world, The Airborne Toxic Event would be indie rock favorites of critics and fans the world over. Maybe, just for a moment, the world will get it right for a change."
     - Popmatters

"A hip-swinging return. Jarvis would be proud of the lyrics and Johnny Marr of the guitars."
     - NME

"Airborne Toxic Event were a knock out, with their LA art-pop, placing them firmly in the Arcade Fire, Franz camp with more than enough of their own 'angular view' on life to ensure the need for such comparison is short lived."
     - The Fly U.K.

Click here to sample The Airborne Toxic Event

July 23, 2008

The Virgins - FREE INSTORE

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Virgins PosterThe Virgins Free In-store Performance
Tuesday, July 29th - 7:00pm

(Free for Live Music Club members)

This one is filling up fast. We're hearing the folks at Indie 103.1 are about to go very big on this record and as soon as that happens, we're going to be full, so if you're dangling you're going to get left outside.

We are pretty happy with ourselves for scoring this little band out of New York City. You see, The Virgins sound like nothing else as much as they sound like 1978 - and you have to admit, that was a pretty great year to sound like, especially if you factor in the New York thing. Their formative years were spent sneaking into their local 80's night and boy did it stick, these guys would have been a great double bill with The Velvet Underground, Blondie, Jonathan Richman (when he was a Modern Lover), or the Talking Heads, and that doesn't even touch on their swagger and strut that recalls an early Costello. With all the love they are getting from Indie 103, this will be a big deal. The guest list is open now, but it won't be for long. Since we don't recommend googling them, we've included some pertinent info below.

Check their myspace here.

Some recent press:
"4 Stars"
    - Rolling Stone Magazine

"The Virgins have had the kind of out-of-thin ether rise that causes bloggers to gush and their peers to curse."
    - Spin Magazine

"We're jealous of their futures, basically."
    - Vice Magazine

Here's their official site.

Click to sample/buy The Virgins

July 10, 2008

The Submarines -- FREE INSTORE

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Submarines PosterThe Submarines Free In-store Performance
Friday, July 18th - 7:00pm

The Submarines are a husband & wife duo, comprised of Jack Dragonetti (who's released album under the name Jack Drag) and Blake Hazard (who is the great- granddaughter of F. Scott Fitzgerald). First, how cool are those names? I mean I'm not thinking about a name change, but damn, if I was, either would be wicked cool, as they say in Boston. But I digress... Jack and Blake make sunny pop music that is at once literate and intimate, delicate and sweet, it's got a nice groove that makes it a perfect soundtrack for a cool summer evening with friends but lyrically it's weighty enough to make for great introspective listening. A couple of touchstones, if you're looking for musical kinship, would be Dean & Britta, Rilo Kiley, and Hem. Their songs have had major TV placement, including Grey's Anatomy, a version of "Little Boxes" for Weeds, and their song "Brighter Discontent" being used as the dialogue for the last 4 minutes of the season finale of Nip/Tuck's fourth season. They are currently on tour with Aimee Mann.

This is a free event for Live Music Club members, but you'll need to call us to get on the guest list.

Some recent press:
"(The song 'You, Me and the Bourgeoisie') has the feel of an instant anthem, a personal manifesto so plainspoken and forceful ('Every day we wake up/We choose love, we choose light'), it could be characterized as defiantly positive. It is also something of a rarity in indie pop: an earnest song about happiness."
     - Toronto Star

"Honeysuckle Weeks is a glorious collage of the duo's wide-ranging influences, from old-school dub to intricately layered electronica (as in the psychedelic-classical 'Submarine Symphonika') to vintage pop."
     - Pop Culture Madness

You can sample tunes on their myspace page.

Click here to buy Honeysuckle Weeks

Joe Strummer Future Is Unwritten Release Party

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Future Is Unwritten DVDJoe Strummer - Release party for the DVD of The Future is Unwritten
Wednesday, July 23rd - 7:00pm


Joe Strummer should need no introduction, he was the lead singer and songwriter for "the only band that matters": The Clash. Joe powerfully mixed politics, passion, punk rock, and world music - and he came closer to changing the world with his music than anyone since Dylan. In a world light on heroes, Strummer was larger than life. To help draw attention to the release of Julien Temple's celebration of Joe's life, we're going to open up our stage for you to come in and do your best version of one of Joe's songs.

Continue reading "Joe Strummer Future Is Unwritten Release Party"

Shearwater -- FREE INSTORE

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ShearwaterShearwater Free In-store Performance
Wednesday, July 16th - 7:00pm

Shearwater returns with the hugely ambitious follow-up to their last album, Palo Santo, which was picked as NPR's best album of 2006. Rook meditates on man's intersection with the natural world: the hunter and the prey; the extinction of species; the world after human beings are gone. On a wider level, the vivid images of animals and landscapes act as a metaphor for human relationships, a dark fairy tale encased in a cycle of songs. Jonathan Meiburg's bold, soaring voice, occasionally falsetto, still anchors the songs, which broaden his pastoral prog-folk chaotic celestial mindbuggery into new realms. Beyond the continuing touchstones of late Talk Talk, Nico and John Cale, there are now allusions to Van Morrison, hints of Joni Mitchell. All this is set in a newly lush sonic gorgeousness of harp, strings and woodwinds atop the magnificent rhythm section of Thor Harris and Kim Burke.

Shearwater is currently opening dates for Coldplay, including July 15th and 16th at the Forum (so make sure you arrive early, if you're going to the show.)

This is a free event for Live Music Club members, but you'll need to call us to get on the guest list.

Check out a couple of their songs on their myspace page.

Here is some recent press:
"Shearwater has magnificently outdone itself. Not only is Rook destined to be named one of 2008's favorites, but it could be one of the best albums for years to come...Rook is among the most achingly beautiful things ever recorded."
     - Pop Matters

"A quiet ferocity belied by gorgeous, soaring melodies"
     - Entertainment Weekly

"A rich, occasionally macabre, fantasy world...ornately orchestrated mini-epics...beautiful tragedies where dead swallows serve as a metaphor for the human condition."
     - Blender

"Meiburg has delivered the album of his impeccable ambiance that's both spooky and glistening....While earlier albums hinted at the kind of open-air pastorals that the band was capable of, Rook delivers on all the promise."
     - Prefix

"The kind of music people fall in love with."
     - Under The Radar

"With Rook they have fashioned an album that is melodic, tender, outstanding but above all, captivating. One thing is for sure, this is one of the best albums of the year."
     - Delusions of Adequacy

"This record is too good to be kept a secret, and whether the general public pick up on it, only time will tell... This is a record you will want to live with and savour for a very long time."
     - 17 Seconds

"Shearwater continues the tradition of detailed, reflective songwriting set by classic artists like Nick Drake and Leonard Cohen and contemporary indie rock songwriters such as Bill Callahan and Will Oldham.”
     - All Music Guide

Click here to sample/buy Rook

Matt Nathanson Live CD

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Nathanson LiveMatt Nathanson -
Left & Right:
Live at Fingerprints,
Live at Park Ave

New CD Release

Hopefully you made it out to our in-store a few months ago with a solo and acoustic Matt Nathanson; it was a wonderful blend of humor and excellent song-craft. Well, happily, Matt thought enough of his stop to agree to let us release a good little chunk of it. This release is made up of songs and banter from our in-store and another he did at Park Ave. in Orlando FL. Matt picked an extra track from our in-store (mostly to chap the hide of my friends in Orlando, I think) and chose to include his riffing on Bret Michaels' "Rock of Love" and "Dog the Bounty Hunter" and his cover of Springsteen's "No Surrender" all from our little event, plus "Car Crash", "Come on Get Higher", "Gone", "Bent", "All We Are", and little extra chatter. It's a testament on how to do an in- store right; keep everyone wrapped up in your songs, until just the right moment, then drop a little science on them with some sharp observational humor. Including the chatter, it's nine tracks and it's available as a pre-order for $6.99. After it hits the shelves, on August 5th, it will move up to $7.99. Everyone who pre-orders a copy will be entered in a drawing to win an original press signed poster from our in-store, designed by Dan Madison.

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